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For today I would like to give you a review and only a near-term forecast for the next 10 trading days or so for quite easy to read and trade markets at the moment, as I will skip the next Sunday edition of the free GUNNER24 Forecasts, because I will take a few days off to relax: S&P 500 Emini (ES #) – NASDAQ-100 Emini (NQ #) .

The major bull market continuation signal in the US stock markets, worked out and recognized in the last issue with the help of the ES #, has fully established itself since it was a bullish week for US equity indexes, with net weekly gains ranging from +5.8% (Transports) to +2.4% (S&P 500).

Dow Jones Industrial Average Index fired an always widely-recognized Golden Cross. Overall, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the small and mid caps segments and the S&P 500 present now somewhat stronger than the Tech Indexes, which are already well ahead and have already reached new alltime-highs. This new found market breadth in the US is actually a very credible sign that the August main target of 3475 pts for the ES #, calculated in the June 7th issue (Just playing long ball, ma`am), could still be achieved.

Before that, however, there is still the important & due 3359 ptsalltime-high resistance GUNNER24 Threshold that was identified in last Sunday's edition – click here on blue or on chart below to re-read this for sure very important US stock market forecast – as a mandatory uptarget for the August. Bingo time for ES # 3359 pts will be tomorrow/Monday at the very latest early-Tuesday. And then we have to observe carefully how the price reaction will be at the VERY FIRST BACKTEST of the alltime-high resistance arc ...





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