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Over several years, the S&P 500 was withheld by a “Dome” Resistance shaped in the weekly charts (please mind this dome dominance here again: How some lame ducks learnt to fly – S&P 500 First Uptarget 2215). The up-move coming from the February 2016 low – the final low of the year 2016 – led to this tenacious Dome Resistance that had been taking effect for two years in length to succeed in being overcome finally in the course of April 2016, with difficulty - anyhow it was.

After having been overcome finally in April 2016, the former Dome Resistance was tested back most properly three times to a T. The last time it happened was shortly after the Brexit-referendum. After the cemented Brexit-low at the now consolidated Dome Support, the S&P 500 marched firmly upwards being supposed to reach an important first rally target at 2215 index points in the trading week August 15 to 19 (here, you find everything on the 2215 first target between August 15 and 19: Everything running smoothly for the S&P 500 – Uptarget remains at 2215).

Then, on time, the S&P 500 topped out on August 15. However, instead of 2215 just 2193.81 were summited as the present all-time high (ATH) before the expected consolidation period began.

What is going to follow next now??!!!

The S&P is likely to develop like this:




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