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For more than a year, I haven’t yet subjected platinum to an intense trend analysis. No wonder, mainly the metal swings for years totally boring in a sideways channel measuring about 150$.

The very last really important GUNNER24 Buy Signal for platinum in the monthly scale was sent in the first half of 2016, the last notable bearish signal occured in the second half of 2016 after the important 2016 countertrend high that has tested back the "round" 1200$ Gann resistance number in a negative way.

==> The most recent developments now indicate that the metal has a round about 100$ rally ahead of it. The very last confirmation for this upcoming advance in the monthly chart is still missing, that`s why the best tactic currently seems to be to place selected buy-stops above the current price.

Let's start today's analysis with the weekly chart and the weekly momentum which has taken the position to overcome the 1030$ resistance horizontal in a sustainable way:




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