GUNNER24 Forecasting Charting Software

You can set up the GUNNER24 Initial Impulse with just 2 mouse clicks. These 2 clicks will provide you with the future schedule for any stock and index; and furthermore for all futures, commodities and currencies – on any time level.


In this context, the markets you are trading in do not make any difference: GUNNER24 can be used for virtually any market – both domestically and internationally. Use it for stocks, indices, futures, commodities, bonds, currencies, etc.

The GUNNER24 Forecasting Charting Software will show you a completely new and highly successful cycle technique. You will recognize turnarounds with bull’s eye precision in advance and, most importantly, you will also be able to see at which price levels the cycles will in fact change. After a brief period of learning, you will already have developed the skill to anticipate market movements. The special GUNNER24 Cycle Technique will open your thinking to a completely novel approach. You will identify milestones of paradigm shifts that have absolutely nothing in common with the conventional and obsolete cycle technique. They are absolutely innovative and have not yet been discovered.


You will receive trading signals that are substantially different from conventional techniques. Consequently, they are easy to distinguish from the masses. They will put you in a highly advantageous position that will allow you to take appropriate action.

You will learn why prices tend to stick to the conventional trend, support and resistance lines. At the same time you will also know the truth – they actually move within the much more dominant dynamic space zones. Consequently, GUNNER24 puts you in a position to take action with a contrary trading approach and you will no longer have to resign to moving along with the trend.

Discover the true support and resistance zones of the market, its time spans and sizes. Only GUNNER24 enables you to profit from the mighty powers of square, arc and double arc.

The GUNNER24 Forecasting Charting Software gives you access to a previously unknown new view of a markets. All of a sudden you will see clearly what the market intends to do in the future. You will also recognize what the market actually should do. In the event of variations, you can participate in the market schedule – thanks to the fact that divergences frequently deliver the best trading signals.

You will save an enormous amount of time. The time it will take you to prepare your trades and to get on par with the pertinent market will be rapidly reduced. From now on you will handle all of these tasks with the GUNNER24 2-click technique. It will allow you to instantly recognize the major trends – on any time level!

The GUNNER24 Forecasting Charting Software was specifically designed to put everyone – institutional investors, financial advisors, semi professionals, private investors as well as traders into a position to work with it seamlessly and perfectly. You can run this software on any PC or laptop, regardless of the operating system and on any network.

Once you use GUNNER24, get ready to make huge profits. You will join the trading elite that always knows the direction the market will take.

Click on the button below and order the GUNNER24 Trading and Forecasting Software for $399 US.

GUNNER24 Forecasting Charting Software

As soon as you have made your payment, you will instantly receive your download link via e-mail. Once you have this link, you can immediately download and install your software.

It takes just 2 clicks to set up the entire GUNNER24 Forecasting Technique system:

  • GUNNER24 Up Setup and GUNNER24 Down Setup, both can be adjusted retroactively
  • 25 squares with dynamic space zones and 41 time lines
  • 5 double arcs
  • Circular arcs AND elliptic GUNNER24 Up and Down Setups
  • 3 Gann Angles
  • Overlay and snap version
  • Any number of snap windows can be adjusted individually 
  • Printing, storage, mark-up and drawing functions
  • The elliptic GUNNER24 Setup Forecasting method allows users to capture past price progressions even more effectively. As a result, the future progression of the price can be forecasted even more accurately.
  • The full version of the GUNNER24 Forecasting Charting Software can be started any number of times so that it can also be used on multiple monitors.
  • Requirements: .NET Framework 3.5 or higher

Use a forecasting technique that produces 70% winner trades!