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The blood left on the carpet last week from the chart-technical point of view, meant the knockout of the US stock markets in the medium term. To any extent, the bull-market swing highs attained in March and April are extremely unlikely to be tested seriously within the coming months. In the short term, beginning as early as Monday, a several day weak bounce is to be reckoned with, since the S&P 500 is supposed to be hoven by an important weekly GUNNER24 Support and the NASDAQ-100 by an important monthly GUNNER24 Support again for a short time.

In the medium term, i.e. in the weekly time frame, the recent releasing pressure led to unequivocal and lasting sell signals. Short-term rallies will have to be shorted now. In the long-term monthly time frame we should reckon with clear GUNNER24 Sell Signals as well. These ones just need to be confirmed finally by the corresponding April reversal candles. If so, the then finally confirmed markets are supposed to correct through summer. The correction targets according price and time for the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ-100 you’ll find in this issue.


The last time I analyzed the US stock markets for you was 03/30/2014 notifying therewith the important April 2014 bull-market swing high at 1894 index point for the S&P 500:





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