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Since the December of 2013, gold tends to print important cycle lows in course of December or early January. The most crucial low of the last few years is certainly the current bear market low that was cemented December 2015 at 1045.40. Then there was a first higher low in the 1-year cycle at the December 2016 low (1124.30).


Actually, the yellow metal should be able to continue this small positive series of higher 1-year-cycle lows that occur at the turn of the year after announced US rate hikes and accordingly, at the next higher 1-year-cycle low of December 2017, which is now approaching, a substantially strong upwards trend in the weekly and monthly time frames should start again!


With the decisive loss of the 1272 GUNNER24 Horizontal - initial support on combined monthly & yearly base, and much more decisive for me, abandoning the two year small rising pivot which is at 1266 December, there should now be only one direction for the gold. Down!! Constantly down into the Wednesday FOMC meeting - and maybe a bit longer... - where the next rate hike will be announced. Then or shortly afterwards, the next higher 1-year-cycle low could come up!

In the course of the week happened what we were waiting for some months now. It succeeded the liberation down. Finally the 1272 GUNNER24 Support Horizontal (this is not highlighted below...) and the 1266 pivot fell, which lasted for month:




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