New - Detailed GUNNER24 Action Sheet

The newly developed Detailed GUNNER24 Action Sheet visually summarizes all imaginable long and short trades in the respective GUNNER24 Up or Down Setup. If you place this handy reference sheet right next to you on your desk or attach it to a memo board, you will have it handy during your trading sessions and will be able to determine the square or dynamic space zone the price is currently in and which trading decisions this implies.

The Detailed GUNNER24 Action Sheet consolidates all guidelines and recommendations pertaining to the GUNNER24 Forecasting Method that are relevant to you on just 5 pages. Especially if you are just beginning to trading on the basis of the GUNNER24 Forecasting Method, you will find these compressed and handy information to be an indispensable and unbeatable tool as you internalize the rules of the trading system:

- You will have all information pertaining to the GUNNER Up and GUNNER Down Setup at your disposal – at a single glance

- You will have easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions to assist you with every trade

- You will have access to commentary on the respective trades

- You will have references to trade management, stop loss setting and position sizes

- All Setup terms and their functions are explained in this reference 

- The typical GUNNER24 Setup, which is always right in front of your eyes, will help you read the markets in real time

- You’ll have practical tips from the GUNNER24 Developers at your fingertips

- Print out your Detailed GUNNER24 Action Sheet and hang it in a place where you can see it right from your desk so that you will have all imaginable trade Setups right in front of your eyes

- No mouse click required! While you are trading, your fingers will remain on the buy or sell button of your trading platform or you will be busy continuing with your chart analysis

As a result, you can focus completely on just one thing: Successful trading!

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New - Detailed GUNNER24 Action Sheet
  • Four-color PDF file for instant download
  • Five pages for use at your work station
  • Will help you focus/works as a cheat sheet while trading on the basis of the GUNNER24 Forecasting Method
  • Explains all trading options based on the example of a typical GUNNER24 Up Setup
  • Explains all trading options on the basis of a typical GUNNER24 Down Setup
  • Provides commentary on long and short entries
  • Provides information pertaining to trade management, stop loss setting and position sizes
  • Explains the complete GUNNER24 Up and Down Setups