Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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About the GUNNER24 Forecasting System

  • Why do these forecasts work? Answer
  • Is it actually possible to forecast the prices for the next 20 years? Answer
  • Why are you making this solution available to the public? Answer
  • How will I make money using this solution? Answer
  • How long will it take me until I can successfully trade using the GUNNER24? Answer
  • I am a beginner and I trade in stocks only occasionally. All of this looks very complicated to me. Why should I use it? Answer
  • Why do you generate 25 squares instead of 20 or 30? Answer

Using the GUNNER24 Software

  • Can I actually work with the freeware version? Answer
  • How do I mark up the first initial impulse? Answer
  • What are the differences between the freeware and the full version? Answer
  • When I purchase your software, do I get help trying to learn your trading strategy? Answer
  • How long have traders been using your software? Answer
  • Can I really use this software for every type of chart? Even for my real time charting software or trading platform? Answer
  • Which settings will I have to implement in my charting software to be able to work with GUNNER24? Answer
  • What is the difference between the G24 and the G24e, the elliptic method? Answer
  • The elliptic forecasting method does in fact make sense, but when do I use it? From the very beginning? Answer
  • What should I do if the price leaves the GUNNER24 Setup your software dictates to me? Answer
  • I work with bar charts! Why do you recommend candlestick charts? Answer

Trading the GUNNER24 Setups

  • How do I trade the GUNNER24 Setups? Answer
  • I have problems defining the exact initial impulse – can you assist me with that? Answer
  • When will I have to create a new GUNNER24 Setup? Answer
  • I find it impossible to manage some of the trading Setups you are describing. I'm losing money as a result. Please help me. Answer
  • I can only trade the double arcs, but can't do the Gann Angles and the square lines – how can I improve my skills? Answer
  • How will I know how the prices on the lines of the squares and the Gann Angles will react? Answer 
  • Can I place different Setups across each other? Answer
  • Trading with different time frames can sometimes prove to be very taxing. Isn't it enough to use just one time frame? Answer
  • Could you please explain the definition of lost motion one more time? Answer
  • Which stop and profit securitization strategies do you have? Answer
  • I trade in 2-minute charts. Can I sue the GUNNER24 in conjunction with these? Answer
  • I am currently trading in time frames that are different than those that you recommend – should I change my entire trading practice? Answer
  • I use indicators in my trading activities? Can I do without them now? Answer
  • 7 Rules for those who intend to become wealthy using GUNNER24 – learn and earn! Look

About the Website

  • Do you provide streaming charts? Answer
  • Are the signals in the Member Area in fact provided in real time? Answer
  • Witch markets are covered? Answer
  • Which stocks do you cover? Answer 
  • Where can I find a list of the indices that you provide? Answer
  • What is the content of the complimentary newsletter? Answer
  • How far back does your data go? Answer
  • What payment methods do you accept? Answer
  • I have no PayPal account - what now? Answer
  • How do I register with PayPal? Answer

Becoming a Member

  • Why should I become a member? Answer
  • How much does it cost? Answer
  • Do you protect my privacy? Answer
  • Do you offer a free trial? Answer 
  • Do you provide e-mail alerts for your members? Answer
  • Can I access my account from more than one computer at the same time? Answer
  • Why can't I log in to my account anymore? Answer
  • What's my username? Answer
  • What's my password?? Answer

Managing your Account

  • What should I do now that I'm a member? Answer
  • How do I change my e-mail address? Answer
  • How do I change my username? Answer
  • When does my membership expire? Answer 
  • How can I cancel my membership? Answer
  • How do I update my credit card number or expiration date? Answer
  • I received a "Payment Failed" notice from PayPal. What to do? Answer
  • I signed up for your service several days ago but I have not received my username or password from you yet. What's going on? Answer
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