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In the constantly updated GUNNER24 Setup Box on the top right of the website start page you will see all markets that are being monitored by the professional GUNNER24 Traders. The public can only view the current monthly, weekly, daily and 4-hour GUNNER24 Setups. The closed Member Area is the exclusive place for members to have access to all GUNNER24 Setups we have discovered during the time frames we are watching. It is the only place where members can also learn what our trader team thinks about newly evolving or already existing GUNNER24 Setups. This information is delivered to them in the form of commentary.

In the Member Area we are currently watching the following markets for you in real time:

S&P 500  DOW  NQ 100

• DAX  • EuroStoxx50



Moreover, we deliver our GUNNER 24 Forecasting Setups in real time in the following time frames:

5 Minutes 15 Minutes 1 Hour

4 Hours Daily Weekly Monthly

All trader team decisions as to when a new GUNNER24 Setup is actually developing are reviewed by two traders (4-eye-principle). Once the decision is made, the Setup signal is immediately included in the Member Area in chart format. Consequently, the Member Area is the only place where you can see the latest GUNNER24 Forecast for the pertinent monitored market and the related time frame. It is displayed in the candlestick chart format. An audio alert draws the attention of all members to a new Setup in the Member Area.

All existing GUNNER24 Setup Boxes are updated simultaneously with the chart technical compilation of the GUNNER24 Setups in the Member Area.

We do not cover stocks and provide auto-refreshing charts to our members.

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GUNNER24 Membership – 3 months

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