About Us

Eduard Altmann, Founder GUNNER24

I know of very few people who are capable of taking action with the same persistence, stubborn will and ambitious drive when it comes to the attainment of important goals, while they are also very caring and loving when it comes to their family. Moreover, he is a man who is exceptionally loyal and helpful toward everyone around him.

In addition to being a true fanatic about computers and cars, he literally exudes brilliant ideas. If it were entirely up to him, he’d tackle everyone of them instantly... None of the other people I have every met from around the world bring all of these extremely positive characteristics together the way he does. Equipped with all these talents and passions, Eduard built his own computer publishing business at the age of 28. Millions of customers and institutions around the globe seize the benefits of his solutions and his consulting services that address the most complex computer and network problems. 

Before he decided to share the GUNNER24 Forecasting Technique with the public, he was himself a semi-professional trader for decades – whenever he could find some time, given that his publishing business kept him so busy. During these rare spare hours, he developed the forecasting method that is now known as the GUNNER24. He succeeded in overcoming the difficulties one naturally finds oneself confronted with when developing an innovation of this kind. Let’s just picture him for a moment – manually drawing charts with a pair of compasses and a ruler, cutting them out and taping them together with clear tape. And of course there would some use of four-letter words when the time frames proved to be extremely tight. If you are working on a minute chart, you have to draw, cut and glue a whole lot, believe me!

What made him decide to offer his forecast trading technique to the public? I am convinced that his own credo is “give and you will be given”. After all, he gave our trading world a gift that is equivalent to Gann, Elliott or Fibonacci – at least in my eyes.

Vic Dalmatino

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Vic Dalmatino, GUNNER24 Analyst

Vic with his favorite toys – trading. As always, he is fully focused... and he’s just as inclined as always to pull off a practical joke or two. Vic, 53 years of age, has been a successful Forex and stock trader for more than 19 years. During this time span, he performed comprehensive studies of the best and the less successful techniques of leading 20th century traders. As a result, he acquired expansive knowledge coupled with an awesome track record of the world’s financial markets.

Four years ago I asked him to partner with me in the further development of the GUNNER24. His extensive trading experience proved very helpful to me and I learned a whole lot from him. His consistency in all actions; the fact that he did not ever lose his nerve even when he had to deal with losses – these are qualities that earned my utmost respect. Using the GUNNER24 live for more than half a year with the objective of developing, testing and fine tuning all trading rules and systems. Today, he is our team’s chief analyst. He leads a reclusive life near Zurich and in the summer – much to our chagrin – he prefers to stay on the sun spoilt beaches of Lake Garda.

Thank You!!

Eduard Altmann

Lilly, GUNNER24 Analyst

Among some other important stuff my beloved daughter Lilly - a very talented 6-year long GUNNER24 Student – prepares the manual chart analysis for our institutional customers. Charting paper, along with the related drawing utensils and lots of commitment will hopefully make her forecasts successful. In our team, she is now also responsible for the compilation of the 20-year forecasts, as well as the tracking of the GUNNER24 Signals received and for the recording of the progress made by the trades we are engaged in.

Another one of her key assignments is the performance of GUNNER24 Back Tests and the attainment of optimized results based on the outcomes obtained. In this context, she is currently examining – with great intensity – the first initial impulse – and will subsequently perform the first retracement. After all, we are convinced that new forecasts are now on the horizon – besides the patterns we are already familiar with. In terms of duration, price range and patterns, they will be based on the first retracements. We will always have to keep in mind that the GUNNER24 Forecast and Trading Technique is actually still learning how to run. While it has been thoroughly analyzed and tested in an adequately long development and test phase, we are still a long way from having uncovered all of the secrets of trading.

I have this constant vision that the further development of the GUNNER24 in terms of both, chart software developments, as well as the progression of the forecasting method, will continue for years, even decades. My intuition tells me that the GUNNER24 still has a lot of additional inherent potential. And I hope that Lilly will be a part of this continued development over the years to come, just like she has been in the past few years.

Eduard Altmann