Complete GUNNER24 Trading and Forecasting Course

Based on the techniques developed by W.D. Gann, R.N. Elliott and Fibonacci, whose core thesis stems from the insight that past price patterns forecast the future price or the direction and duration of the price progression, the GUNNER24 Trading and Forecasting Technique emerged over a period of 8 years.

This course describes the GUNNER24 Forecasting Method in detail. It was developed by two experienced traders in conjunction with their own trading activities. The combination of different time levels, the GUNNER24 Impulse Wave Technique and the recurring price patterns discovered again and again throughout the years, put at your disposal precise trading signals that will translate into true prosperity if they are used consistently and in the absence of emotion-driven decision-making.

Among other things, you can apply the GUNNER24 Forecasting Technique to national and international markets: Stocks, indices, currencies, commodities, futures, bonds, metals. The GUNNER24 Setups will show you precisely whether you should focus on short term trades, swing trades, or intermediate term trades.


Learn to use a Forecasting Technique that produces 70% winner trades

Making money in the market is contingent upon knowing what to trade, when to trade, and an ability to vary your trading style to match the current market conditions. The GUNNER24 Trading and Forecasting Course will teach you when to enter the market. It will also tell you whether to go with the trend or against it. It provides you with precise stop loss settings, profit goals and position sizing to the current market conditions. You will see at a glance where the newly discovered GUNNER24 key support and resistance levels are and what that implies for your trading style, entries, and exits.

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The topics covered in depth are:

A) The GUNNER24 Technique

B) Background information as to why the GUNNER24 Method will work for you

C) Trading tips in reference to the GUNNER24

D) Trading success, psychology and the truth about stock and commodities trading

E) 33 GUNNER24 Guidelines and Recommendations for your better trading performance – overview of all secrets and tips

F) Definitions pertaining to the GUNNER24

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Complete GUNNER24 Trading and Forecasting Course
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  • Learn to use a Forecasting Technique that produces more than 70% winner trades
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