Why do these forecasts work?

Thousands and thousands of years ago, Pythagoras discovered that time and space are related by figures. For instance for a stock or an index that means this: The angle of gradient and the amount of gains the price produces (scale) and the duration of the original movement do theoretically allow us to forecast the size and duration of the entire movement (trend) down to the exact price, down to the very day, the week, the hour or minute.

Compare it with a football you kick out of the goal area several times employing different power each time. Once you kick it with 60° and few power then with 45° and full power and finally with 30° and medium power. Depending on the angle you give it and the power you employ the football will hit the floor in different distances and come to a standstill. Each time you will reach a different distance. But all those different distances can be calculated previously.

The GUNNER24 now measures the extreme of the emotions the masses original emotion to be able then to conclude from one movement to the other!

GUNNER24 is based on the fact that the first impulse of a movement defines the frame of the height and the depth of the price action as well as the duration of a future trend. From out the first initial impulse, the majority of the trend setters define not only the further zones of support and resistance but also the dynamic space zones, all the important turning points as well as the duration and length of the future price movements.

Our GUNNER24 Traders were shown by tests, by long term experiences and by the interpretation of the trading diaries that the future schedule of the price data is defined by the first initial impulse. In 85% of all cases, this latter spans 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 or 21 etc. time units.

The investors stagger in their emotions and decisions. Greed and fear alternate. Weak hands do not always remain weak. Nor are strong hands always strong. Those who used to be weak can become strong and vice versa. But mostly the investors simply swim with the market and follow the actual trend. When the majority stops following, the first trend move (impulse) is phased out. Only the very last greedy or anxious hands still want to participate and mark the closing highs and lows of the impulse yet they have no influence on the final duration of the impulse, just on the last extreme prices... which are the highs and lows achieved then. That is where the investor greed and fear get to the climax and cause the investors absolute lack of reasonableness.

That is why the GUNNER24 Initial Impulse just exceptionally (about a 15%) goes over the real starting low or starting high respectively to the final low/final high of the first initial impulse. Only if the majority of the investors enter immediately at the extreme point, the GUNNER24 Initial Impulse starts with the absolute high or low.

Read more about the forecating theory based on the techniques developed by W.D. Gann and R.N Elliott.


Current GUNNER24 Setups
 MonthlyWeeklyDaily4 Hour
NQ 100G24UpG24Downnone1650132584G24UpG24Downnone1650132759G24UpG24Downnone1685382815G24UpG24Downnone1701346946
Last Update: 2024-04-22 20:03 CEST
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