We know, the further price development depends widely on the conduct of the quotation at the moment when it reaches or approaches a GUNNER24 Double Arc. A closing price within the the double arc normally means that this double arc will be broken towards the trend direction. That does not always happen immediately as todays example Ford shows.

Also as far as the time factor is concerned, Ford stock (F) is now clearly standing out positively from the overall stock market, which has now been bearish for 5 long weeks.

Likewise, this sharp, almost perfectly defined daily Falling Bullish Wedge appears to be unique these days. And there are some more bullish signals looming ...:


... F shares will be pushing out of 5-week Bullish Wedge consolidation as MACD crosses above zero line = strong buy signal & important long trigger.

The overcoming of the pre-defined Falling Wedge resistance triggers the next test of the 16$ to 17$ main resistance horizontal upmagnet, or the serious backtest of current cycle highs, made a 1 month ago. Watch, that the highs of the week prepared the imminent Falling Wedge resistance breakout!

==> Rapid shortterm uptarget for F-shares is 16.50$ or so within days!

This daily GUNNER24 Up Setup triggered at the absolute annual 2022 low of the shares has been confirmed several times over the past few months.

The setup starts at the # 1 // 10.61$ // 2022 Low and is a 14 Candle up, what is of course a bullish setup oriented to often trend-changing 13-Fib number (14 - 1 = 13).

Look how wonderfully accurate the bullish Falling Wedge has to align itself with this naturally pre-defined 2nd GUNNER24 Double Arc course, even almost compulsively:


One of the most enlightening trading rules of the GUNNER24 Forecasting Method is certainly that chart patterns that align with and/or are oriented to, respective are mostly oriented to naturally given double arcs must beinterpreted as very serious harbingers of how the current trend will resolve in the future.

The bullish F-Wedge forms almost perfectly within the lines of the 2nd double arc = the stock is consolidating within the 2nd double arc congestion area.

Since Falling Wedges tend to resolve upwards or at least should do so, after a simultaneous Bullish Wedge and bullish 2nd double arc breakout the trend continuation into the lower line of 3d double arc would have been activated automatically.

The lower line of 3rd double arc uptarget magnet should then probably be reached at around 17.50$ towards late-September to eaerly-Octomber, where the next higher future important horizontal resistance space is cemented at a 17.80$ down to a 17.00$ or so.

==> Shortterm uptarget is the 17.50$ main resistance upmagnet. Magnet could be worked off late-September to early-October 2022!

It currently looks las a long entry at the “round” 15$ Gann number makes sense over the coming trading week as there weekly low support has formed over the time!


Be prepared!

Eduard Altmann

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