Today I’d like to go mainly into three fresh monthly GUNNER24 Buy Signals that have arisen by virtue of the September performance.

Monthly GUNNER24 Buy Signals use to lead to 100% winners. An actual survey of the completed trades in the monthly time frame with entries, stop-losses and the targets are always to be found at the bottom of our trading-performance pages. Just click to the correspondent links:

GUNNER24 Trading Performance: Gold

GUNNER24 Trading Performance: Forex – Silver - Copper

GUNNER24 Trading Performance: US Stock Markets

In the markets above mentioned, since 2009 the GUNNER24 Forecasting Method has released a total of 23 entries on monthly basis. 20 out of those 23 trades are finished. All the 20 closed trades were winners. Two out of the three due trades are well in plus. Only the silver long-entry triggered on 08/31/2011 is in the red. But I don’t have any doubt that this trade is going to end in a bold plus as well!

The monthly GUNNER24 Entries are being triggered pretty seldom. On average only once in two months a signal is being released. The fact that now in three different markets at the same time entries in the same direction were being triggered is not only an unmistakable pointer to the actual strength of the market, but also an indication that the rallies of the last months haven’t finished yet but are going on.

Monthly buy signals in gold and silver:


Gold: As early as on 08/31 we opened a monthly long-position at 1692. ( On Friday we went long with another tranche at 1773 by the end of the month. August yet broke the 3rd clearly upwards, whereas September in addition was able to close plainly above the center of the just passed square. Ice on the cake: And with September the yellow metal achieved significantly to close above the long-term dominating resistance trendline that passes at 1766 for September. Strong buy with ATTENTION NEW MAIN TARGET 1843 MIT (market if touched). That’s where in any case we will cover both long-positions at the lower line of the 4th. Overshooting the 1843 is possible because on the basis of the internal strength of the market thoroughly the pretty important 2008 Gann Angle at 1854 wants to be reached.

From there a perfect Kiss of the Death might develop! Covering at the 4th double arc is obvious because this one is representing the next long-term resistance. Just pay attention to the long spikes at the all-time high. Like always, we’ll have to await the performance of the market at the important double arcs. Not before the very first monthly close within both lines of the 4th double arc the break out of the 4th double arc will be prepared. A clear monthly close above the 4th double arc – about 1900 will activate the next target in this setup = 2120.

A final break of the 4th double arc in the gold setup above during the winter is not unlikely. Silver is pointing to that.

Here’s the actual monthly 21 candle GUNNER24 Up Setup:


The actual buy signal is being triggered because now the 2nd double arc wasn’t just impressively re-conquered at last but also broken upwards significantly with the September close. Midterm target now is newly the 3rd double arc and the 42 region. The actual swing highs at 35.26 is narrowly above the Resistance Gann Angle. The 35.26-35.00 area is not only the monthly but also the weekly resistance. Every weekly close above 35.50 during the next three weeks should break the Resistance Gann Angle finally. If that happens, the monthly uptrend will accelerate. In that case the way very quickly up to 39.65 (the strongest horizontal resistance through December 2012/January 2013 is possible!

Important, even most important is also the horizontal support at 33.36. It’s not only identifiable in the monthly setup above, but in addition it’s an important weekly support. That’s where last Wednesday the lows of the actual consolidation are produced. And we know: The same support in two different time frames makes such a support become extremely important and extremely strong.

If silver produces a week close below 33.36 in October it will dip into the October buy zone thus. This one stretches down to the actually very strong monthly diagonal at 32.20. You’ll be allowed to expect a very strong reversal if silver dips into the mentioned buy zone! A possible dip underneath the 33.36 will have to be used for long-entries. It’s a present so to speak.

Not only both precious metals got an impressive quarter run over with, but also the US stock markets succeeded in convincing. So far the stock markets clearly joined the 4th year of the Presidential Cycle. And since August and September didn’t show any profound corrections these markets are supposed to keep on joining the 4th year of the Presidential Cycle while the actual president will win the election…

This cycle is pointing to the coming end of the actual correction within the next 8 trading days. Then the election run will begin that will be continued through the end of the year without greater corrections. 2012 will close at the year-highs – it’s a so-called trend year!!!

A brief NASDAQ-100-Check:.


In the NASDAQ-100 we’ve been long on monthly basis since August with main target 2995. The entry was at 2772. September achieved a new higher high and a new higher close. Any lower correction during the next days is supposed to be finished at the important support Gann Angle and at 2750. This angle was broken upwards impressively in August being now a strong monthly support.

After the NASDAQ-100 that is actually usually the first US stock market to trigger signals now the S&P 500, too, released on monthly basis our long-entry targeted for a long time. (


The close above the 3rd double arc is now finally activating 1528 as the next important up-target within the monthly time frame because two weekly GUNNER24s are showing there a significant magnet as the main target. A monthly close above 1528 until the end of the year will activate the 4th double arc in the 3 candle up above. It’s about 1600 until spring 2013. From my point of view this outcome is so far very doubtful because I expect the NASDAQ-100 to turn down significantly at 3000. Such a course wouldn’t really facilitate the reaching of the 1600 target in the S&P 500 till next spring.

Each October correction will be finished at the upper line of the 3rd = 1416. But I question that the actual correction is going that low. As mentioned I expect at most 8 trading days of correction, and the more probable down target for it is close to the important 2*1 angle. Why should it be fallen below significantly, after being re-conquered impressively in September??

The 2*1 will have to back the market very much during the coming months, and the further rise should have to orient itself by it and its angle of gradient.



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Great successes!

Eduard Altmann

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