That's our motto. Based on the initial impulse which is the first move in a market – the further targets of that markets arise. For price as well as for time. When the time is mature for a change – that change is very frequently announced by the GUNNER24 Forecasting Method in a very visible way. But the real art of successful trading is the interpretation of the price performance in view of those targets, the combination of every single GUNNER24 Setup in the different time frames and different markets and, of course, the uncompromising compliance with the trading and money management rules.

Today, I'm trying to explain why the stock markets are supposed to rise through the end of the year without considerable corrections. And to present what a tricky, exciting and explosive situation we've got in the precious metals that demands a really very well thought-out trading plan.

The starting point of our analysis is the actual daily 8 Candle GUNNER24 Up Setup of the EUR/USD pair:

Starting from an 8 candle initial impulse, until August the pair rose to the first main target, the 3rd double arc. We recognize at green 1 that the pair closed within the main target. That behavior prepares us for the assumption of a probability of more than a 70% that the second main target, the 5th double arc shall be reached in the trend direction (naturally at a higher price than in the first main target). Actually like always at a main target, there was a sharp and persevering correction which came to its end at green 2. That's where the new upwards move begins, exactly at the important 1*2 Gann Angle.

With the last three trading days, at the pair closes in the main target without rebounding downwards yet, but maintaining above the 5th double arc and even quoting two closing prices above the double arc. The last two trading days spiked from above onto the main target. And “NOT AT ALL DID THEY WANT” to close within the double arc!

Those kinds of performance of the price at the main targets are very important for our further interpretation: The whole performance of the pair at the main target is to be considered as very positive intimating maximally a correction that should not break the double arc downwards. There are rather hints of a consolidation at the highs which is mostly broken upwards in those cases. The Thursday high fell on an important time line however, at first “scaring” the market in temporal terms, but in the converse conclusion it means that next week a new high (daily close higher than 1.4028!) can be bought without any problem. That should trigger off the starting signal for furthermore rising markets in the long term.

Everything is pointing to a longer term falling dollar, thus. The GUNNER24 Setup is permitting a maximum price expansion until 1.4615! That would mean the stock markets and the commodities keep on rising and, trust me, then the party will really be going to start.

What would a continually falling dollar (a new EUR/USD high) mean for the US stock markets?

It's the final starting signal for the continuation of the rally, I think. All the three indexes tested their respective week supports successfully last week marking new highs on Friday. With a new week high, the NASDAQ-100 disproved the qualms on a possible time line high. The S&P 500 closed the week within the first double arc thus activating its next target, the 2nd double arc. The Dow is parking exactly at a price ant time magnet, the intersection point between the Gann Angle above the price and the lower line of the first double arc which can really be jumped by a booster only.

Also the GUNNER24 Counter Setup Technique is showing how difficult the actual resistances are for the S&P 500:


One mini high after another is being reached in an agonizing way. The price is moving upwards within the narrow Gann Angle corridor not reaching yet the 1*1 Gann Angle above the price. Let's just apply a counter setup at the big X.

The market is being braked by the lower line of the green double arc. The market performance shows that it would rather go upwards, but it just cannot break out upwards. In an extreme case we really walk up the Gann Angle corridor, marked gray in the daily setup. Obviously, if the support Gann Angle on daily basis breaks you may go short for a brief swing. A daily close within or a break through that ominous green double arc would prepare the rise to the 1193. Our aimed target of 1169 has not been reached so far. If on Monday a mighty up gap can be seen to emerge or if it is a daily close within the counter setup green double arc we will not cover.

In the NASDAQ-100 there haven't been many changes compared with the situation we presented last week. But the last trading week confirmed that we need a daily close of more than 2030 in order to attack the 2090:

Here's the last week chart again:

With the Friday close of 2027.03 the market is intimating its intention to clear the decision mark of 2025, but as mentioned in the last issue nothing under a closing price of more than 2030 can be the signal for some permanent profitable long entrys. Another positive signal is that October has marked a higher high than September quoting now exactly “in” the red dotted Gann Angle.

So, what had to happen is that the red dotted Gann Angle stemming from the 2007 high has still got its braking effect on the price, even though that effect is weakening because just right now October is giving a considerably more courageous impression than the April/May constellation at least intending to test, and that's what May avoided.



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GUNNER24 – The new precision in charting – silver analysis:

In the daily 5 Candle GUNNER24 Up, on Thursday immediately after the touch with the main target a violent intraday reversal broke out. Silver and gold marked their respective tops almost five hours before the EUR/USD top. On Friday, silver got caught at the 2*1 Gann Angle running now for the main target again. Accordingly Monday/Tuesday is going to be exciting. That's where we will have to observe whether silver is able to lance a closing price within the 5th double arc which would activate the other monthly targets within reach (24.00/24.32/24/85). Overshooting of the daily setups to 24.00 is possible.

Really silver should correct now until the end of October, that is why right up in the picture the actual 2 Candle GUNNER24 Down with its corresponding down targets is shown.

Main problem in the actual silver trading are those rapid up and down moves at this exhaustion move, that high volatility which demand our utmost attention and narrow SL discipline in scalping and day trading respectively. And – the dependence on the EUR/USD.

Conclusion: I can imagine well that silver immediately within two/three days will reach the 21.40 if the pair corrects to 1.38 for instance in the course of the week what would be thoroughly allowed (simply a normal correction above the corresponding 5th arc in the daily setup!). How fast such may happen is indicated by the length of the Thursday candle which amounted to $ 1.10. The monthly targets as well are only just one trading day away. So, caution and good luck! We will make use of our luck for some longer term entries at 21.80 or 21.40, respectively. 21.82 is the September close. That mark should produce a very good support on monthly basis as well! In case of a break of the 5th double arc on daily basis we'll go long again.

GUNNER24 – The new precision in charting – gold analysis:

That trade yielded 32$. Last Thursday we covered.

Thursday marked the high exactly on the important time line rebounding literally violently from the target. Faithfully to the motto “buy the first correction after a high” on Friday gold closed narrowly under the 4th double arc. I can only suppose how gold will go on performing next week. But: The advantage of the GUNNER24 Forecasting Method is to have many more informations than a 99.99% of all the market participants. So we can arrange a nice plan:

The following speak for a correction:

A) In the upward trends gold loves to correct at the green double arcs.

B) As to the seasonality at the end of October/ beginning of November frequently there's a significant low before the rally is resumed again. That's why up in the setup you can see the sell targets of the 2 Candle GUNNER24 Down Setup already: 1312/1290 important! And rather unlikely 1244.

C) Tuesday would be the 54th, Wednesday the 55th day of the rally. If Wednesday marks a significant high, the highest daily close of the rally for instance, or another higher spike above the 4th double arc, higher than the 1366.

D) In the monthly 13 Candle GUNNER24 Up we've arrived at the important 1352 target worked out in the issue of 09/26/2010:

Please pay attention to the monthly supports. More or less they are corresponding to the possible daily sell targets!!

The following facts speak for a continuation of the rally:

A) Since gold likes to correct at green double arcs – as mentioned above – the 1352 might be just a weak monthly resistance. By the way, the price has never drifted apart so much from the primary Gann Angle yet as it did in October. If that trend continued it would be an EXTREMELY strong buy signal. Above all, if October closed at more than 1352. 

B) In the daily setup you can see that the rise did not show parabolic features before the last few trading days. Maybe not enough...

C) If one of the next days closes within the lines of the 4th double arc.

D) In the daily setup you can make out many, many supports, above all: With every day of next week the green support area becomes more and more involved. In the course of the next week it will grow “thicker” and therefore mightier. It's most likely that there will be a correction on the 1312 trying afterwards to break the 4th double arc.

E) If the 4th double arc is broken significantly on closing price basis.

F) Gold is in its 10th week of the rally, the high is not expected to occur before the 13th week.

G) Monday will be the 54th, Tuesday the 55th day of the rally. If Tuesday marks a significant low...

Our plan for next week:

If gold breaks the double arc on closing price basis we'll go long with target 1410. We'll be safe if at the same time the EUR/USD shoots above 1.4028.

If gold corrects because for instance EUR/USD corrects to 1.38 we'll look for the long entry at 1312. If the correction goes lower in the course of the month the 1290 will be the target for the correction. That would imply that EUR/USD really does break the 5th double arc downwards. Target for the pair then would be 1.3650.

Be prepared!

Eduard Altmann

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