For very long-term oriented investors, the Lithium Sector is extremely interesting as the expectation is that the number of new e-vehicles sold worldwide should increase to 5 to 6 million units in one to two years, which corresponds to a total market share of „only“ 5 to 7%, and that demand for lithium-ion batteries is expected to increase approximately tenfold by 2029. This would result in an annual growth in lithium demand of about +25% per year.

With electric revolution now in full swing as it seems, the not-so-many pure Lithium Stocks or lithium plays are poised for above-average long-term gains accompanied with manageable downside risk.

The NYSE listed Albemarle Corporation (ALB) reported it has become the world's largest producer of lithium and lithium compounds, accounting for about 37% of its 2020 revenue. Internal estimates suggest that this major corporation probably controls about 1/3 of the world`s lithium business. This is probably also why Albemarle is by far the Top 1 investment of the Global X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF (LIT)!

That Albemare shares will continue to outperform in 2022 is almost certain after this for equities extremely difficult month of May. After a better than estimated earnings and outlook call the company caught the bears on the wrong foot. ALB stock will finish this May at month highs surroundings and the bet is that May 2022 will seal the highest month close ever.

Thus, the GUNNER24 Monthly Chart now also fires the next hard-hitting buy signal for the ALB shares.

This activates an upside target of 300$ in the further course of this year, also in 2023 ALB shares should work off the 340$ to 350$ upside range


Above using the monthly chart, you are able to recgnize the actual state of the long-term outlook for Albemarle shares. The forecast starts at decisive low of 2015 and measures up to the final high of 2017. After corona-virus panic lows of 2020 the confirmed about 3-years determining main resistance of the Blue Arc was finally overcome and this major buy signal triggered the actual uber-strong bull market cycle which at bullish extreme overshoot the important natural GUNNER24 Uptarget of the 2nd double arc at final highs of 2021. The 291.48$ alltime-high is far above the 2nd double arc main resistance and was set November 2021.

The following bull market pullback cycle successfully re-tested resp. confirmed the strongest mathematical long-term W.D. Gann support out of 2015 Low, the 1*1 Gann Angle = 1*1 Bull Market Angle at 4 month candles. This really meaningful test of the strongest of all possible supports ended at the beginning of this month and then triggered the May rally, which is really spectacularly strong and also unusual because the May candle as you see above is the longest upward candle since 2015.

The now in the making May close will close far above the upper line of 2nd double arc, the former main bull market resistance, so we recognize a next powerful buy signal on monthly base.

=> Therefore A): higher bull market highs have now been activated!

==> B): The next important higher W.D. Gann upward magnet above the all-time high, which must be reached, is the round 300$ threshold!

===> C) The 300$ test should normally only be a matter of a few weeks!

====> D) The lower line of 3rd double arc in bull market trend direction is now officially activated GUNNER24 Monthly Uptarget. Based on the angle of ascent of this bull market in terms of price and time so far, this new important monthly ALB upward target could be reached within the next 12 month candles at 340$ to 350$!

Where to open a long position best? Hmm, please carfully recognize that the May top stopped precisely at the naturally given 274$ GUNNER24 Horizontal Threshold which shoulda/coulda radiate little bit stronger (price) & little bit longer (time) bearish energy, but I think daring a long entry at the natural 250$ pullback support number will make you very happy in the end!

This was my advice for the more patient traders. A shortterm-oriented engagement in the Livent Corporation (LTHM) should offer some quicker money ...


Livent Corporation (LTHM) is profitable pure Lithium Miner, manufacturing and selling performance lithium compounds primarily used in lithium-based batteries, specialty polymers, and chemical synthesis applications worldwide. The company offers lithium compounds for use in applications that have specific performance requirement. It also provides lithium phosphate, pharmaceutical-grade lithium carbonate, high purity lithium chloride, and specialty organics; and lithium carbonate and lithium chloride for use as feedstock in the process of producing performance lithium compounds.

The above weekly chart including the top-valid weekly 14 Candle GUNNER24 Up Setup starting at # 1 // 14.73$ // 2021 Low now definitively shows that the LTHM shares want to continue to power ahead this year.

The 2021 bull market alltime-high (ATH) exactly found major resistance energy at natural lower line of 3rd double arc uptarget. This heavy lower line of 3rd resistance rail triggered the deep 2022 pullback cycle which found a higher low pattern at naturally given 1*2 Gann Angle support. Like ALB also the LTHM early-May started a next major bull market upcycle at final May lows and what a positive energy this newly started weekly and monthly uptrend shows!

=> The former natural ATH main resistance course of the 3rd double arc was literally overrun in the course of the last 5 trading days.

=> Shares on Friday delivered higher ATH`s, so fresh bull market cycle highs and ended the week at 34.49$; the highest weekly close ever.

This week massive buy candle triggered the rapid lower line of 4th double arc uptarget work off within days.

A quick re-test of the old 2021 ATH/bull market high support area at 33$ to 32$ should be bought for the weekly 37.50$ GUNNER24 Uptarget!


Be prepared!

Eduard Altmann

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