In course of this week the S&P 500, the Small & Mid Caps and the Dow Transports joined the leading Dow Jones Average index in printing higher alltime-highs. That is why we are receiving more and more evidence that the topping view: “Fine tuning of the S&P 500 into March 2021 rally highs“ is evolving as analysed on February 21. Click on blue to refresh my serious attempt to nail the next possibly important Stock Market rally highs regarding the time and the price factor.

The German 30 DAX/FDAX (DAX futures contract) index started to deliver record highs on Monday. This is ahead of the always most important S&P 500, which also makes the Dax/FDAX a current leading stock market index.

Exactly 1 year ago, with the help of these two yearly FDAX GUNNER24 Up Setups, we were able to recognise and strongly suspect that the stock market panic lows of the coronavirus sell-off cycle were close/imminent or partially completed and consequently and logically all the important western stock markets might have reached really important annual lows or important bear extremes in order to turn sharply next and soon. And that is what happened.

You can explore this again here in the Trade of the Day recommendation of March-23-2020. Click ...

My point is this. Exactly a year ago, these two FDAX setups on the yearly chart provided the most decisive indication that extremely important 2020 lows in the western equity markets were imminent or had already been reached.. And now, I think, they again simultaneously fire a serious indication of when the western equity markets should form their next really important extremes!


Compared to the March-23-2020 chart I adjusted the yearly 8 Fib number Candle GUNNER24 Up Setup a fraction of a millimeter to the upside to hopefully map the signals that emerged at the last turn of the year time magnet as correctly and as likely as possible.

By this we recognize that the 2020 candle closed slightly above the lower line of 2nd double arc what was 2 times negative arc resistance at final 2018 & final 2019 high. The significant 2020 close above the lower line of 2nd = former falling yearly resistance, is a stronger YEARLY buy signal what has activated the work off of the next higher double arc target in trend direction what is the upper line of 2nd double arc. This upper line of 2nd currently represents the nearest future yearly arc resistance for the FDAX.

Now the price looks like it has to hit and work off that uptarget, what at same time is very attractive upmagnet, quite rapidly and maybe even in the time window we were expecting for possible final year highs. March 2021!!?

The closer the price gets to the upper line of 2nd uptarget resistance magnet, the stronger becomes the attraction of the yearly magnet. So there should be no strong doubts that the FDAX here at record highs (mega-strong momentum) and from the current 14562 springbord can EASILY and quickly, possibly within only 2, 3, 4 trading days, reach the remaining 600 pts. to the upper line of 2nd resistance upmagnet in order A) to print there an important intermediate bull market extreme. B) In order to possibly deliver its final highs of the year 2021 there.

If we assume that the FDAX made its current 2021 low exactly at the lower line of 2nd support rail from above the upper line of 2nd EXACTLY is at 15150 pts!

==> The 15150 pts forms a yearly uptarget resistance for FDAX!

Next to analyze is the yearly 5 Fib number up, starting at 2003 Bear Market Low:


Above you are able to recognize how 99.9% exactly the 2020 closing auction respected the natural resistance of the lower line of 2nd double arc what is a major uptarget for the at 2009 Low started secular bull market cycle what successfully tested back the 1*1 Gann Angle support out of 2003 Bear Market Low.

Then the year 2021 opened exactly above the lower line of 2nd and thus triggered a next rally leg and a buy signal on yearly base what usually has to reach the upper line of 2nd yearly resistance arc = very important 2021 uptarget!

This is the current yearly GUNNER24 Buy Signal what was triggered by the 2021 opening auction! It is a combined yearly GUNNER24 Buy Signal because the both valid yearly up setups fired it at the same time and at the same point!

This just fresh activated yearly GUNNER24 Upper Line of 2nd resistance uptarget runs at 15185 pts for the 2021 candle!, AND THEREFORE together with the upper line of 2nd double arc uptarget of the yearly 8 Candle up forms a most-attractive yearly MAIN uptarget resistance cluster what is at 15150 to 15185 pts.

==> The 15150 to 15185 pts forms a future COMBINED yearly uptarget resistance magnet for the leading German stock market index and therefore is the ideal topping point where this 13-Fib number yearslong bull market might finally top out! The current secular bull market cycle starts at 2009 lows.

The 15150 pts is a yearly uptarget and a main resistance uptarget. It is also the possible final 1-year-cycle high uptarget!



Above is the weekly chart of the FDAX along with the most-valid weekly up setup what is a 17/22 Candles up. 22 - 1 is Fib number 21. This initial up impulse measurement shows that the Blue Arc was a very important magnet for the market until towards the end of 2020, which the uptrend respected well and had to test quite accurately a few times.

The at # 1 // 2020 Low started rally cycle for next week candle will be at candle No. 53. This # 52-week candle broke the former rising ATH resistance and above longlasting resistance rail finally to the upside, what is another big, big buy signal, of course.

This A) confirms the work off of prior activated uptarget of lower line of 1st double arc in trend direction and B) seriously points to the outcome that any pullback or retracement on daily base should be mild or weak and shortlived as the time points to very important bull market highs are likely due for the bull market week # 55-Fib number!

Just as the 15150 pts should now magically attract, so does the time factor, IMHO.

1. The time magnet of the 1-year-cycle which offers that the bull market has to print an important bull market extreme influenced by the 55 Fib number.

2. The time magnet of a secular bull market cycle 100% accurate to the 13-Fib number: This yearslong bull market started at important March 2009 Bear Market low and the always very important 13 time turn number can lead into the next perhaps extremely important secular bull market highs sometime during this month of March 2021.


Usually the FDAX should print very important secular bull market highs in course of the trading week # 55 (March 29 to April 2) at around 15150 pts what is a very attractive combined yearly & weekly bull market uptarget resistance nest!


Be prepared!

Eduard Altmann

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