What you're going to see now may amaze you beyond all measure. Those ones among you who have not been trading with the GUNNER24 Forecasting Method for a long time perhaps remember you have seen this phenomenon in the smaller time frames once or twice, but for the old hands it's no surprise any more:


The initial impulse enables us to anticipate exactly the moves of the market participants and thus to trade successfully if we recognize it the right way and stick to the drawn up trading rules. But I've got to admit that last Thursday none of our traders including myself was able to turn the position exactly at the lows forecast by GUNNER24 (Nobody had put in the maximally possible targets as to be the limits). I only just managed to cover manually the futures short positions in the YMMO at 10020 and in the ESMO at 1097. In the ETF and CFD positions it was much harder for me to get out of the current short positions.

Here, you see another phenomenal example that illustrates the precision of the initial impulse defining the future price moves:


We had expected and announced the draw down to end at the primary Gann Angle, but we were surprised by the velocity it happened.

Over and over again I'm caught by the accuracy of the date and time we can elaborate by GUNNER24. Do you remember these quotations/predictions?:

...and the markets crashed on 05/06/2010.

The justifications of all the media people, pseudo analysts etc. is always the very worst thing, afterwards: Greece, Euro decay, “fat finger” trader, USD/JPY carry trades etc.. They simply try to justify and give reasons for what is unexplainable and unacceptable to them: 

See detail explanations: http://www.gunner24.com/why-do-these-forecasts-work/

Let's have a particular look at the Thursday low now:

It looks like a significant low, it smells like a significant low, but is it one, really?

1. The three upper setups show us that some targets were reached which are significant.

Everywhere, we see a spike candle which indicates that the rebound from the maximum down target was violent. For me, that means they should have to resist the second attempt which is the test of those lows, as well.

2. With the Friday closing prices, in the daily GUNNER24 Down  Setups other short signals emerged which suggest that test of the lows.                                                           

3. IF on Monday a reversal candle is produced there will be a GUNNER24 Up Setup on daily basis. The upwards targets resulting from it will be considerable!!                                                 

4. In the upper weekly 7 Candle GUNNER24 Up of the S&P 500 only just the first test of the primary Gann Angle took place. According to Gann, that one should not break before the third or forth attempt. Correspondingly, it should resist next week, too which could allow a great long entry because at first the markets on daily basis should go downwards, as we established.                                           

5. If that primary Gann Angle breaks – AND NOT BEFORE – we will have a downtrend. Until now, it is only a correction in the upwards trend within the permitted frame.


The “crash” ends exactly at the square diagonal possibly producing the very thrust the market needs to resume the original trend towards 13.000 after a couple of days/weeks. Of course, such a violent price decay within one day leaves some trucks: Not only the money was shoveled again from the knowing to the ignorants. Ten thousands of margin calls make us suppose that some traders have departed their lives and therefore as early as on Thursday the market was cleared. Even if the primary Gann Angle breaks in May and the Dow Jones tests the first double arc from above that would be considered as a normal price course, a normal test which happens a thousand times a day in the smaller time frames. Not before a month closing within the first double arc we would have to question the upwards trend. The actual May position exactly on the primary Gann Angle makes us recognize that here we've got an “important track in the sand” by which we will have to orient ourselves on daily basis, as well.


What we just said about the YM # contract is also valid for the S&P 500. In the actual 3 Candle GUNNER24 Up Setup we also park at the primary Gann Angle. We should give the market a couple of days/weeks for throwing up, have the low tested and then speculate on the continuation of the up swing.

For next week goes this: Further long term short entries will not suggest themselves before day closing prices are lying below the Thursday low! Otherwise day trading is in.


In the public area, we haven't addressed ourselves to the pair for a long time. With the Thursday low that reached exactly the main target in the actual weekly 5 candle GUNNER24 Down Setup the scenario above could offer support in the US equity markets making possible a profitable short term EUR/USD long entry.


The situation: If everybody starts to speculate on a collapse of the euro and discuss about the end of the world the experienced traders will prick up their ears thinking the sheep must be sheared from time to time and get prepared to act opposite to the crowds. On Thursday, the pair reached its main target, rebounded impressively from it and correspondingly it should be ready for a counter trend rally which should go to 1.32 within 3-5 weeks.

The actual GUNNER24 Monthly Setup is backing the beginning of the counter trend rally:


Looking at the pair EUR/USD in the monthly time frame the euro is undoubtedly in an upwards trend. Within the GUNNER24 Methodology there are four important positions altogether where a down swing may end in an upwards trend: 

  1. At the blue arc,
  2. At the lower line of the first square (watch the fake low technique),
  3. At the first double arc,
  4. At the second double arc,

May is lying on a time line, in this case we may expect an important low of the pair.

The price seems to rebound from the blue arc in the monthly frame, that is why - taking into consideration the weekly GUNNER24 Down Setup - two important support areas overlap each other and at least a three to five week counter trend could emerge.


Speaking of metals, gold performed best last week and it continues in an upwards trend with target 1320. Consider about that the actual GUNNER24 Up Setups on weekly and monthly basis (GUNNER24 Forecasts, Issues 04/11/2010 and 05/02/2010).


The situation: Gold keeps on following the daily 8 GUNNER24 Up Setup above like clockwork. On Thursday, we covered our longs near the day high since the main target was reached exactly. Friday closed narrowly below the 3rd double arc indicating a possible down swing which might follow the 3rd double arc downwards. If that happens a new long entry at the green dotted support diagonal between 1180 and 1170 will suggest itself.

On the other hand, the actual weekly and monthly GUNNER24 setups indicate undoubtedly a break out or move which at the same time would mean a quick break of this 3rd double arc. Furthermore, on Monday gold is on a time line with a significant price and time magnet at 1226 above it (intersection of the upper line of the 3rd double arc and the 1*1 Gann Angle that is lying above the price). On Monday and then in the course of the week, that 1*1 Gann Angle will play a decisive part in the further price performance. It can't really be broken upwards and that's why I do expect the Gann Angle to be reached but not its significant break. If gold nevertheless breaks it upwards that would be a further strong sign for a fat long entry since it also would mean a break of the all time high. If gold rebounds from it quickly that would also ring in a several day down swing. And in that case we would get the next long entry at the significant break of the 3rd double arc.

Be prepared!

Eduard Altmann

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