Somehow it was a coincidence that on the day when Tesla stock hit it`s first major annual GUNNER24 Goal of 550$, I was lying on my sofa watching CNBC Europe. I don't do that very often. If, then mostly just out of sheer boredom. Sometimes to get a better feeling for the opening hour in the USA or to hope for some input.


Literally at the same minute with Tesla painting a new historic high of 547.41$, the clickbaiting Trolls have appeared on Clown TV, confidently touting a 6000$ target for TSLA.


The four-eyes Ark Invest Troll quacked about Tesla`s bright future. Their outstanding leadership role in a disruptive technology that could hardly be caught up in course of the coming years. Blah. The unbeatable lead after years of experience and skills they have assembled with self-driving cars, which are about to break through and will pay off for Tesla and what is the main reason for their 6000$ within 10 years call. Blah-blah.

These are fundamentals that nearly any house maid already knows. What the Huldra did not address, or deliberately omitted, or – what seems more likely - that this investment store has absolutely no idea of anything at all, I would like to give my assessment why Tesla easily will achieve such lofty highs:

Tesla collects an incredible amount of user data at some point, which they will then market themselves = sell paid adds, vids, streaming content, business solutions. In their cars, timely and target group-oriented at the point of sale. In this way, they practically become the Google of car & mobile advertising. This above-average powerful marketing megatrend potential alone justifies much higher prices as a today`s 500$.

This is something like the uber-successful business model of at first step selling the hardware, a printer or a cloud and putting huge profits on the roof with selling connected software, ink or cloud space & cloud solutions.

Tesla and Elon cracked the important target group of women, which is not yet fully effective and priced in but probably the most decisive factor to become a 1 US$ trillion market cap company within years.

The higher educated younger girls love the supposed „green“ Tesla brand because they wanna save the world. And much more because they are just too lazy to drive themselves. They want to be driven, don't worry about anything. Just as the girls and women have long enjoyed the easy shopping with Amazon, the easy to handle, cheap streaming-solutions on Netflix or giving their money and any possible social data completely thoughtless to Facebook-WhatsApp.

Apple worldwide were the first to sell women a highly overpriced technical device in huge numbers. And Apple still sells the trendy iPhones like crazy to women, because they think it is like a full-grown computer. Finally compare the iPhone profit margin with the margin of a Tesla car and we get a feeling how far the price of a TSLA share might be, if Elon avoids making too many cardinal mistakes.

Well, I think the Big Round 1000$ should be the ice on the cake by the end of the year ...

... after this impressive start into the new year and into the new DECADE ==>

With the 4 important highs from 2017 to 2018 – any printed around 380$ to 390$ - a classic Rounded Top resistance was formed again. Just like it was the case at the 4 most important highs of the 2014 to 2016 time window. Below, I highlighted these two year-long Rounded Topping patterns in dark-red-dotted:


Within my „TSLA looks angry => a Top Pick for 2020“ imminent rally call, I pointed to the outcome that the underway 5th attempt of breaking through that tough and sharp-defined 2017-2018 Rounded Top will succeed in the end and TSLA next has to test/work off 550$ yearly GUNNER24 Uptarget rapidly cause an indeed „MAJOR bull market continuation signal“ would be fired:

A) The expected year 2019 close, the very last one of the 2010-2019 DECADE, is the highest year close printed ever. So, TSLA for 2010-2019 DECADE shows an unusual strong DECADE rally pattern with alltime-low made early and highs of the DECADE printed at the end of the time frame.

And B) this means that TSLA fires a rare DECADE BUY SIGNAL. And this addtionally means first that sometimes 2020-2029 higher alltime-highs are due and second that the first part of 2020-2029 time frame == > about the first 1 to 3 years – usually are supported by massive strong bullish forces.


And is it really just a coincidence that when the 6000$ rats crawl out of their holes the important 550$ yearly arc resistance is reached? And from there the first deeper pullback started in many many weeks?

Now be it as it is. For the late comers, a running pullback could offer the very last low-risk long chance, IMHO.

For this long-term opportunity first watch monthly 3 Candle GUNNER24 Up Setup, starting at important higher # 1 // 2016 Bull Market Low.

See above, that the 2020 Top exactly worked off a natural GUNNER24 Horizontal from below. Means, 547.41$ top at same time worked off a yearly resistance arc and a natural monthly horizontal resistance.

So, 2020 high price was at combined monthly and yearly resistance and this usually means the trend has changed and a pullback according price and time has begun/usually became confirmed.

Monthly up setup above offers nearest important GUNNER24 Support at 465$. And well, this monthly support horizontal might be the deepest price a pullback is willed to offer cause the first pullbacks or retracements after a finally triggered combined yearly & DECADE buy signal usually are weaker and shallow ones.

Pullback so far has retraced the last rally about -60$, what is a -10% or so max. since 2020 highs.

And such a just -10% pullback could have ended entire pullback cycle!

We will notice this option soon if the price goes towards 2020 highs by the end of the month. In any case this is valid!!!:

The very first monthly close above 520$, so visibly above 3rd double arc what represents natural future monthly resistance environment, will be the next meaningfull rally continuation signal which than activates the lower line of 4th double arc GUNNER24 Uptarget in rally direction.

In case that January and/or February 2020 candle will be able to close above the 520$ next very important monthly buy trigger expect the lower line of 4th uptarget work off at latest sometimes in course of April to May 2020 time window and at the 640$ to 620$ wider rally target range!

For investing and trading there is another GUNNER24 Up Setup we are allowed to work with. This below at # 1 // 2019 Low anchorable 2 Candle GUNNER24 Up Setup fires these important pullback and rally targets:


This setup is valid because the 2020 highs now have spiked into natural 4th double arc uptarget ... resistance area ... Cause 2020 highs likely at combined monthly and yearly resistance magnet which is getting tested at top of rally month No. 8 = important Fib number = important possible turn number and the upper tail of the January 2020 candle is unusually tall = maybe exhaustive it next might come to the very classic and often necessary clean backtest of prior finally upward broken 3rs double arc range!

Or, the pullback maybe plans to test back 3rd double arc environment which takes course at 460$ down to about 450$.

The 3rd above could be the most ideal backtest area for a dip because this natural important stuff is a combined and very obvious price and time magnet:

The 3rd finally was overcome with the December 2019 close ==> close of month and final close of a year and the entire DECADE.

So, 3rd double arc range above is natural combined monthly and yearly and DECADE backtest target according the time. And of course the 3rd at same time is most ideal, cause most nearest important backtest magnet for the price.

IF the perhaps still running pullback indeed is able to reach the 460$-450$ combined monthly & yearly & DECADE support magnet, I recommend to buy TSLA shares with both hands for the 640$-630$ spring uptarget! The next higher yearly uptarget what finally gets activated with the first monthly close above 520$.

Watch carefully the now very attractive main target for this rally, the above shown 2 Candle up is radiating:

It is sharply defined by the end of setup according price, respective the 5th double arc attraction area. This all is at the 640$-630$ for the next few month candles and so in mathematically full harmony to the 4th double arc uptarget within first analyzed monthly 3 Candle up. Means the possibly due 640$-630$ range test is somehow confirmed by two individual monthly up setups ==>

Combined monthly uptarget is at 640$-630$. Or, we have worked out the next higher uptarget on yearly base for the TSLA shares, which is 640$-630$, likely due for April to May 2020!


Be prepared!

Eduard Altmann

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