Apple`s stock split 4 for 1 should now slowly but surely crush all the bears and hammers Krupp Steel support at 3200 pts into the S&P 500 Emini charts and chases the leading stock market index and itself into the next powerful buy signal on a monthly basis.

Today I`ll first explain the fresh fired monthly S&P 500 Emini (ES #) buy signal and the usually following short to intermediate effects and uptargets of this bull effort.

Secondly, I`ll deduce why the Apple 4 for 1 stock split procedure, which is hardly observable these days, should be the main bull reason why the S&P 500 is likely to reach fresh alltime-highs before the US presidential election. I also show that the AAPL shares have to test the important 500$ W.D Gann number resistance rail within the next 4 weeks with the highest possible probability that the GUNNER24 Forecasting System can offer.

The next strong S&P 500 Emini bull market continuation signal, that was hardly considered possible until the very last trading hour of the very last trading day of July, is the final overcoming of the 3237 pts.

What when we last analyzed and forecasted the index, I proclaimed as a very important monthly uptarget, the most important July 2020 buy target for the ES #:


Source: Please click on chart above or here to re-read the 6/7 free GUNNER24 Forecasts: „Just playing long ball ma`am“.

The major 3237 pts/Jul20 GUNNER24 Upmagnet is overcome in course of the very last trading day of July.

It is overcome during the very last trading hour of July. This is no coincidence. This is deliberate and an important strong bull signal the time factor has fired.


Overcoming such an important natural resistance out of the printed alltime-high (ATH) like the above extra-phat highlighted major important 1*2 ATH Resistance Angle, on the very last day of all July trading days, at the very last trading hour is a bullish surprise and these tend to happen mostly just in uptrends.

The index would not have had to react so at that time after it has tested the 3234-3237 ATH angle resistance without really moving away from this magnet for long 13 July trading days.

Cause normally, in this DECADElong bull market, the very last trading day of a month is characterized by substantial profit-taking. The key word here is window dressing, before some fresh money flows into the US equity markets over the first day of the new month, which therefore usually tend to close very positive.

Or: such a powerful July 2020 high close buy signal triggered towards the end of the month is so extraordinary! => powerful => strong! And well, the July close is the highest monthly close ever noticed! This activates at least the very serious backtest of the alltime-high upward magnet in course of this summer.

Successfully re-conquering a monthly 1*2 ATH Resistance Angle from below on monthly closing base after such prior seen panic-sell-off cycle is one of the strongest possible GUNNER24 Buy Signals. So that we may next witness the second pinpoint test of the lower line of 1st double arc uptarget in course of August at 3359 pts. Watch it carefully. The lower line of 1st double arc was the natural yearly resistance rail where the bulls have been stopped at the so far 2020 alltime-high.

The resistance and bear power of this major GUNNER24 Arc has radiated uber-bearish energy as it`s final work off released the sharpest, heaviest sell-off the market has ever experienced.

With the irresistibly high July close, the lower line of 1st threshold has suddenly become the strongest and nearest major upward magnet for the ES #.

Therefore we shouldn`t really be surprised if the newly confirmed upward goal of the lower line of 1st will now be achieved very quickly. This close COULD have triggered a 4 to 8 weeks long buying panic cycle!

==> Next activated monthly GUNNER24 ES # uptarget for August is 3359 pts. It is a mandatory target regarding the price and the time!

And in further course - as in June 7th free GUNNER24 Forecasts Newsletter: "Just playing long ball ma`am" calculated and predicted - until the US election at the latest, the inevitable, mandatory MAJOR bull market uptarget will be reached at a 3475 pts.

Because this is the 12 yearslong bull market truth until proven otherwise:

As Apple goes, so goes the market“!

Next let`s dive into the latest Apple developments which delivered superb earnings on Thursday after close and announced a 4 to 1 stock split as of August 31.

Due to the situation in the GUNNER24 Monthly Chart as of June 14 „The FAANG shopping list for the summer correction“, we knew that AAPL shares need to rally further in a rapid way to the 370$ GUNNER24 Resistance Wall before before there was a serious possibility that the shares could begin a pullback or even start a more serious correction.

The 370$ was an important, inevitable monthly bull target for the shares according to the GUNNER24:


Source: Monthly 8 Candle AAPL GUNNER24 Up Setup as presented on 06/14. Click on chart above or blue-linked here, to re-read this again excellent AAPL stock forecast.


Until the penultimate trading day of July, the Thursday, the lower line of 3rd double arc and the 372$ - 373$ GUNNER24 Horizontal out of this lower line of 3rd double arc offered combined, sustainable resistance.

Just as important thresholds often do on a monthly base when an important GUNNER24 Upmagnet on yearly base is finally worked off, resp. is getting tested from below



Here, too, we experience a powerful bull announcement as by the close of the very last trading day of the month the entire 3rd double arc resistance area is finally skipped to the upside.

This sustainable overcoming of this big resistance range out of the # 1 // 2018 Xmas, next important higher bull market low makes the fast processing of the now finally activated lower line of 4th double arc uptarget and the 450$ at that GUNNER24 Arc absolutely necessary.

The 450$ processing has to be expected in course of the next week ...

... as this fired GUNNER24 Buy Signal has MAXIMUM possible strength!

1. And if you ask me, the 450$ processing smells even due for the Monday, because the vast majority of the momentum traders and 4 for 1 stock split hunters hadn`t the chance to enter longs on Friday and will be very excited to join the AAPL party after studying the AAPL charts over the weekend.

2. So, usually the 450$ will be due for Monday! 3. What as a consequence will lift NASDAQ`s, S&P 500 and Co. again!

This next up setup is also a valid up setup for AAPL shares. The setup is new for you. It is again starting to measure the bull market after the important low of 2018. This monthly 13/14 Candle GUNNER24 Up shows, among other stuff, the somewhat higher and more important possible upward targets regarding TIME and PRICE for this AAPL bull run:


The tops of bull market months # 13 and # 14 can be caught precisely with the Blue Arc that at that time represented alltime-high arc resistance, as these month highs delivered the prior highest monthly highs ever before corona-sell-off. Rally from # 1 // 2018 Xmas Low into former 2020 ATH`s was oriented to the 13 Fib number, in this case a decisive trend turn number.

After the panic lows in the stock went nuts. The # 18-June delivered a double buy candle as Blue Arc and natural first square line resistances have been finally and decisively went broken in 1 go. The finished # 19-July candle was able to close above the upper line of 1st double arc what represents natural yearly resistance out of the 13 monthlong initial up impulse.

With the 425.04$ # 19-July close a yearly resistance arc is overcome. This also succeeded in the very last trading hour of July. And as already explained above for the ES #, this is an important bullish time signal, an unusual rare, clear bull message.

The lower line of the 1st double arc runs for the August candle at 404$. The Friday low came in at 403.30$. Coincidence? The upper line of 1st runs at 421$. This yearly resistance (arc) was finally overcome in course of the last trading hour of the month. Coincidence?

Be it as it is .., I can only recommend to enter AAPL shares between this 404$ - 421$ range as this area should have morphed to unusual strong monthly support!, as the high # 19-July close and the highest monthly close ever & fresh ATH`s triggered the 500$ as next really important uptarget of this AAPL bull run what now is in very confirmed rage mode.

The overcoming of the upper line of 1st yearly resistance activated the rapid work off of the lower line of 2nd GUNNER24 Double Arc at 500$ surroundings which is in full sync with the major important round 500$ now activated W.D. Gann number upmagnet resistance!

==> GUNNER24 Forecasting Method call is that the 500$-510$ is the 4 for 1 stock split uptarget regarding the price factor!

The 4 for 1 stock split time target is the August 31! What offers that the August 2020 will be the 20th month of the entire bull market cycle. Therefore the September then is the 21 Fib number month of the rally what started at major important # 1 // 2018 Xmas Low.

And with some odd this coming 21 Fib number time magnet could mark the next really important highs of the AAPL bull run (perhaps the last one of the entire bull...?!), since the # 5-Fib number top was negative time event, followed by an ugly reversal candle. # 8-top triggered a monthly downer as a consequence. # 13-Fib number major top caused the hardest sell-off ever...

Are you with me that AAPL shares at around 500$ possible final exhaustion target regarding price and time could force the S&P 500 and the US Tech Indexes into fresh alltime-highs perhaps towards early-September?


Be prepared!

Eduard Altmann

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