About the Website

Do you provide streaming charts?

Streaming charts are interactive charts that are created in the user's computer using data from a custom data feed. Auto-refreshing charts are charts created by a web server that automatically get updated after a specified period of time. GUNNER24 does not provide true streaming charts at this time however we do provide auto-refreshing charts to our members. 

Are the signals in the Member Area in fact provided in real time?

We deliver all GUNNER24 Setups on our website and in the Member Area on the basis of real time prices, so that you can instantly post trade all Setups without delays.

Which markets are covered?

In the GUNNER24 Setup Box on the start page and on additional pages found at www.GUNNER24.com you will be able to see all of the markets we are also watching in the Member Area and forecasting for you. In our opinion, we are watching the most interesting international markets. However, over time, do take the liberty to change the markets we are monitoring. This will of course always also be based on selfish reasons – after all we are trading these markets personally in our trader team.

Which stocks do you cover?  

At this time our Member Area does not yet cover any stocks. However, the complimentary newsletter shows interesting Setups for stocks.

Where can I find a list of the indices that you provide? 

In the always up-to-date GUNNER24 Setup Box on the top right-hand side of the website start page you will, among other things, see all indices we are watching. The public can only view the current monthly, weekly, daily and 4-hour Setups in real time. Only the closed Member Area gives members access to all of the GUNNER24 Setups we deliver in the time frames we are watching.

What is the content of the complimentary newsletter?

The weekly GUNNER24 newsletter will be delivered with forecasts compiled over the weekend for the international stock markets, currencies and commodities. We also present Gann, Elliott and other technical analysis methods that work well with GUNNER24 and that aim at improving the trading results. The newsletter also delivers information on advanced GUNNER24 Setup Ideas.

How far back does your data go?

For the monthly Setups we publish along with the charts in the Member Area, the 10-year database we have reserved for you there is usually sufficient. For the GUNNER24 Setups we compile in conjunction with the Commissioned Charting Forecast also on an annual and 4-year basis, we can, if required, access historic pricing information that dates back to the past 200 years.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can use your bank accounts and Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express to fund your payments.

I have no PayPal account - what now?

If you would like to order a product from us or become a member, you will have to send us your order. You do this by clicking on the order button. Once you have clicked it, you will automatically be redirected to the PayPal start page. If you do not have a PayPal account yet, you will have to click on New to PayPal? Sign up to create your new PayPal account. Simply follow the PayPal instructions until your new account has been created and released. Once this is the case, we will be able to process your order. 

How do I register with PayPal?

Click here https://www.paypal.com to be redirected to PayPal’s secure site. Next, click on New to PayPal? Sign up on the left-hand side to create your new PayPal account. Simply follow the PayPal instructions until your new account has been created and released.

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