Short open letter to all GUNNER 24 Prospective Investors

Fight the LOBBY and you beat the streetthe cornerstone of the GUNNER24 Forecasting Methodaccompany me on a trip back to the year 1909I would like to offer you a bundle which enables you to get into the GUNNER24 Forecasting Technique the easiest and cheapest way. You get this offer one time only!  The perfect short trade

When you read these lines you will have used one of the various free offers out of my website. You will have subscribed for my newsletter, loaded down the freeware version or the actual GUNNER24 Trading Manual and you are willing to try things you are interested in, to deal with them and then possibly risk the money you worked hard for in order to increase it.

Thus, the first basics are in front of you for getting into the GUNNER24 Forecasting Technique and  familiarize with it...but that software is just freeware. It does not discover all the secrets since some important forecasting functions are missing like for instance the elliptic GUNNER24 Setup which forecasts the market much more specifically than the circle setup. And many main targets are not indicated. Your free trading manual does show you all the existing trading setups as a short summary. But I ask myself: Will you understand then what you are doing and why you are doing so?

At this point, I would like to reveal my motives and thoughts why more than 10 years ago I began to develop the GUNNER24 and why I wish to entrust you and your children with the GUNNER24 Forecasting Method.

Fight the LOBBY and you beat the street

In my opinion, the human beings can take well thought-out decisions only if they understand completely in which effects their actions result. That is the way I learned it from my parents.

Since the majority of the human race do not think and act that way – yes, I am talking about the important subject of money investment – there are institutions which take calculated advantage of that negligence of the investors. In the course of time they want to annihilate YOUR money, too, or to withdraw it for annexation. That is why I have learned: Always think contrary to the crowds as to money investment.   

Why don't they teach us at school or at the university how to administrate and increase the money we have worked hard for? That question is asked at the sight of an absolutely positive actual example. I think it is great that for quite a while in the television there is to be seen very much on poker. It is certainly interesting – and there are obvious parallels with trading. We can improve our strategy, observe the best players and learn from them. In contrast, there is not any popular program  on active trading or about the world's trading stars. Even though there are many more money investors than poker players, so why our youth mustn't learn about that important subject in public, just like poker? Who is covering?

But this is the actual situation, I am afraid: Only those who actively make an effort, who fight for their money and have to pay dearly for it, who learn from the best, with a little luck at the end of that learning process (which may last pretty long) are the winners in the money investment field.

That is why I have been asking myself for years: “Is there anybody who withholds something from us? Does anybody want to prevent us from playing on a high professional level and rather try to take advantage of us?”

The financial world we are a part of, at this moment is in a process of restructuring and top priority waiting changes. Many money investors will have to do some rethinking in the future. Even nowadays still a 90 per cent of the private investors buy their stocks or funds according to their fundamental points of view....since they prefer to trust any company or advisor. “They're gonna make it and I'll profit from it”.

They prefer to analyze calmly, invest calmly. They do not dare to jump into the shark basin called Forex or Commodities. “My financial consultant or my bank will manage it...” Because maybe they do not suppose that now the 20 years of trading have begun, as long as all the private fundamental investors will have disappeared from the market, until in the course of time all their money will have passed over to the big LOBBY?

--> Just my opinion on the already existing trader cycle which recently took over from the cycle of longer term money investments.

My brief conclusion from today's circumstances is: To each and every money investor, to each trader, even to my two year old daughter, in every minute of our lives the biggest LOBBY of the world which consists of the banks, the money industry and the state, blows stinking hot wind into our faces. The big LOBBY needs the gained assets of any money investor and even of any human being in this world in order to keep its own systems working.

Our money we have worked hard for is re-collected by the big LOBBY using most different methods. The LOBBY tries to wangle the remains after taxes out of us. Yes, under the cloak of the banking system we are lulled, they offer us the account administration of our money, they charge fees for it and pay us some ridiculous interests. They sell us pensions and revenues which are worth nothing when we are 70 years of age – and anyway we have to pay charges. Under the cloak of a promised money increase, behind our backs the LOBBY stows away every cent within reach if we do not pay attention.

There are times when everything swells, everything becomes more and more complicated and incomprehensibly extensive. Periodically, again and again! Beside infinitely complicated financial constructions which not even their emitters understand. Now there are even cars which are able to speak more than some women... amazing.

Shouldn't we concentrate upon the real essentials while administrating our assets, that is to keep the control ourselves? Without having some disgusting leeches in our money purses which don't stop sucking? Thinking of cars, the majority of us still drive ourselves. Shall we really keep on forking out for the useless bank rubbish or the mistakes of our politicians? In that context, I am thinking of another member of the big LOBBY.  

Just have a look at the websites of one of the market leaders in the field of charting software, for instance MetaStock. At the moment, you may buy there 7 End-of-Day or Real-Time trading analysis programs for more than $1.000 US. All the indicators, charts, signals, implemented add-ons, tools, Gann, Fibonacci, Elliot techniques, indicator training included. Furthermore, in that web-site you may buy additionally an infinity of systems, training materials and plug-ins, for hundreds of US $ each.

What you find there and with some other players in that field is the global hotchpotch of all the people who have known something about the stock exchange. That reminds me on an automobile show. With the accessories catalog, on top you may buy any rim you want, the umpteenth air filter, the most beautiful interior fittings in 34 colors and 455 color combinations. Yeah, you must – oops – no, you are still allowed to lend a hand to the colors and change them. What I mean is this: You are still allowed to screw onto the engine – and shifted to our charting software, to assemble your systems yourself. You may build, program, implement and test your charting software assembly kit at your own discretion....

What a pity: That charting software as well as each other is bought, used and refined by many people who mostly disappear within a couple of years in the big shark basin called stock exchange or who would have disappeared there if they had been bold enough to jump in... the LOBBY works thoroughly. Can't we really see that our amazing super car – our charting software or technical analysis software like it is called recently – is just rolling on three wheels? And that is the LOBBY's intention!

The amazing super car offers any comfort, nice seats, air conditioning etc., takes the corners reasonably well, but it takes the corners very slowly, because it has the forth wheel missing!

Sports cars are like the stock quotations – you come in first if you dominate them

A fast car needs four wheels. The lightest and most loadable rims and slicks, in addition. I've been driving sports cars, myself for a longer time than trading. Cobra, Porsche, Gts – mere light weights, cause otherwise you cant reach speed. Fat brakes, a real lot of cubic capacity, many horse powers and torque. Everything without any trappings – you don't need more to drive fast. If we think about it – the majority of the really fast racing cars don't even have a top, and they are very light. Too much weight or deadwood makes the super racing car too slow.

No racing team would dare to build a second seat into a F1 racer. And we being charting software users are not only to pay the 10,000 systems, indicators, oscillators etc. which we find in the market, but also to test and refine them? Why don't the programmers of the charting software want us to win the race?

Since there is no question about the existence of the forth wheel we don't even realize if it is missing. My answer is this: If they gave us, in addition with their software, only THE ONE trading system which at least grants a 60 per cent of scoring probability in trading their business model would collapse.

Well, I do not think that way. I place at your disposal a charting software with four wheels – the GUNNER24 – the only charting and forecasting software in the world which goes straight to the point. → You, dear investor, are to make money with it!

The cornerstone of the GUNNER24 Forecasting Method – let's have a trip back to the year 1909.

2021: What do you think makes a successful trader? Would they tell you in the newspapers which tricks they apply to make money? No, not directly, but within the trader community there are networks, websites, seminars etc. where the traders can intercommunicate. Those who try hard, who investigate and learn and listen to them will get to the following important conclusion: 1st: The successful traders frequently act the opposite way to the crowd. 2nd: The successful traders know when they have to join swimming with the crowd. 3rd: Mostly they apply the techniques of Gann, Elliot and Fibonacci to analyze the crowd. 4th: They follow the rules set up by themselves.

1999: For me, immediately it was obvious that for us lesser mortal money investors, W. D. Gann is the same as Einstein is for the mathematicians. Probably as mad as brilliant. Then, after years of studying his works, constantly following my order to learn from the best, at the end of my studies I became puzzled by the following four facts:

1st: Why does everybody I know tell me that trading according to Gann is too difficult? As well as everybody tells me trading, according to Elliot waves is too complicated. Counting so much in  different time levels is too strenuous. Everybody thinks with Gann he has found the philosopher's stone but then he is not too successful with it. Furthermore: Would Gann's disciples ever tell the truth about the way of money making according to his methods? Would Gann himself and his disciples and followers intentionally produce and publish such a heavy-going stuff in order to confuse people, to take advantage of the crowds?

2nd: W. D. Gann once said about his trading style: “There are times when it is better to keep away from the market. You can't make money acting daily. Sometimes you should stay out of the market, observe and wait until you detect a change in trend. Long periods of calm and composure improve your judgment ability. And that affects your trading results.”

→ Why could Gann say so being then the most successful trader of the world? As many of you know, sometimes he could forecast turning marks up to the cent. In my opinion, he had REALY found the philosopher's stone, he was absolutely calm and he knew where the market was going to and above all, when the trip was beginning.

3rd: Within 53 years, W. D. Gann gained $50,000,000 US in the stock exchange, that is about $1,000,000 US each year. Average duration of his trades was only 45 minutes, with a score ratio of more than 90%, partially. There are statements of people who knew him and have a good knowledge of the subject, saying: “He was a very bad trader”, and today he would have no chance any more (the big LOBBY!)...well, the $50,000,000 US he gained which correspond to about $600,000,000 US of today's money are not too bad...

And then the decisive, from my sight the absolute decisive fact:

1909: W. D. Gann became famous when in 1909 for the “Ticker and Investment Digest” magazine he carried out an open trading. In October, 1909 within 25 trading days he executed 286 buys and sells, of which 264 yielded profits. The funds he bet increased tenfold in that month. So, he produced 92% of winner trades.

→ At that time, he had at his disposal about 270 minutes a day, considering that he waited for the opening auction like every decent trader, had his orderly lunch break and occasionally finished work earlier after a successful trading day. Thus, over those 25 trading days, in 6,750 minutes he took 286 positions. On average, the trade lasted only 24 minutes. Get in, take along the fast profitable trend movements and get out again quickly. Just the way it's got to be.

→ Furthermore: He had to write down the ticker figures (quotations) and put them into the archives. However, he was known to trade just with the ticker data without writing them down. Yet that way, his score ratio was inferior. In order to produce the 92% of winner trades he fell back on the ticker figures, I suppose. Well, I would cultivate some hand written charts for it (not only charts, but also charts). If you have done something like that you know you have to be very concentrated. To draw precisely open/high/low/close in each bar without committing mistakes in scaling is a little harder than some people think it is.

So, all time long he was more occupied looking after the quotations and examining his drawn bars than in deed thinking on his trades or carrying out some intense and complicated mathematical calculations. Or he did it looking at the bars, the connections between them just like you and me use to do. In addition, he had to pass the buy and sell orders by telephone.

→ Another very important point that caught my eye during my analysis was that Gann did not publish his very first book before 1910. All his later contemplations, calculations and market analysis in his books or newsletters are written too complicated for the “normal” reader. His trading style is rather disguised than discovered. In 1909, he reached a phenomenal winner ratio of a 92%. In the subsequent years, that ratio went down rapidly when he concentrated upon other matters like spreading his knowledge.

2000: The conclusion from all those facts takes very few common sense if you are accustomed to always think contrary to the public opinion and pay attention to the real facts: Actually, I only had to find out which of the Gann techniques were “simple” enough to be able to achieve an incredibly high trading score ratio just by means of a pen, a piece of paper, a little mathematics and a normal technical analysis.

2003 – 2007:

Refine those techniques, implement the software, enrich them with new understandings of the last 90 years, test them in detail and trade, optimize and trade again. Trade with funds of my own to set trading rules which resist in the shark basin. Do you realize the end, everything is quite simple, they just do not want to tell us, because in that case some entire industries would collapse. Ten million written pages of paper about Gann in the market, umpteen websites and expensive seminars which criticize, reassess and refine his techniques, and nobody lets the cat out of the bag? That is to say, for me and any other human, the 90% of winner trades is plenty enough. All the same, we don't need all that additional complicated Gann stuff! 

2021: The LOBBY says: “Nobody knows exactly yet with which accuracy he found the marks and turning points, his techniques are still top secret, partially, anyway for the majority of the investors and traders they are too complicated, too difficult to re-enact...”.

Now you can laugh about it, since GUNNER24 has solved that problem. The GUNNER24 Forecasting Technique is based on the well-known mass phenomenon of the market participants, for the first time transformed for our trading in the 21st century. Two mouse clicks, and immediately you can see when you will have to buy your trader tickets to join the trader express train. Just get in and later on get out when the most important targets in price and time are reached.

The very majority of the great traders think contrary. So did Gann. You will have to, as well, in order to make money since the crowds finance your profits. Whatever you are doing, always think contrary. That is the only way to recognize when you should profitably swim with the stream. That is one of the opinions I have formed during my learning phase concerning money investment. GUNNER24 shows you exactly when you have to go with the trend and when to go contrary to it...

And because that LOBBY which responds only to itself has nothing in mind but the next bonus and the exercise of power, all those things happen in the financial system. Regularly and repeatedly within long intervals. That's why that institutional money investor crowd is always the same. Because they always show the same behavior pattern: greed, craving for power, anxiety etc. Those behavior patterns of the money investor crowd, for the GUNNER24 was, is and will be measurable. In the past, today and when we will be dead and our children will have to carry out the money business.

Do it my way: My 15 year old daughter gets GUNNER24 lessons already. I trust she will internalize the movements of the crowds. I urgently hope she will never trust the big LOBBY, but take advantage of its calculability for herself and my grandchildren.

Above, I told you the history of the origins of GUNNER24 and why it works. You will find the details of its exact function and the comprehension and ability to implement that function for YOUR profitable actions in the Complete GUNNER24 Trading and Forecasting Course.

The complete issue of the GUNNER24 Forecasting Charting Software shows you the price and time targets of the respective markets. With two clicks in my software and one click on the buy or sell button you may profitably bring to bear that knowledge against the big LOBBY. But that's up to you.

At this point, I would like to present you for the first time the following offer: 

You get the GUNNER24 Forecasting Charting Software and the Complete GUNNER24 Trading and Forecasting Course as a bundle at – instead of $648 US – today and now at $599 US.


Welcome aboard!

Eduard Altmann                                                                                           GUNNER24 Founder                                                                                                                       

P.S.: Eduard asked me to encourage him with my opinion on his reflections from a trader's point of view and to do a little advertising for our product. A little introduction of myself: I am Vic Dalmatino and I attend to our Member Area. I have been trading for about 20 years mainly at the Forex. For almost four years I have been working for Eduard as a free lance. I played a decisive role in the development of GUNNER24.

I was enthusiastic about the idea to make our software as easy as possible. Our example with it was the iPod. Believe me, the easy operation is going to distinguish the software and the internet solutions of the 21st century. It's pointed pins which have to prick exactly where we want them to and not big rollers which roll over us to bury us. We have been suffering plenty enough. With his exceedingly difficult product instructions, every would-be communicator makes our lives more difficult which cannot continue like that.

But it is always like this: Someday comes somebody and cuts the Gordian knot. And everything seems to be so easy. Something appears in the market like the iPod in the field of the MP3-players easy to operate, practical, trendy, innovative, simply adequate to the spirit of the times of its target group.

And I tell you what is easy: The GUNNER24 Forecasting Method. The stock exchange, the motives and the behavior of the investors are always the same. You are shown what the majority of the investors do, which are their quotation targets and when those targets will be reached.

It's the same with the GUNNER24 Forecasting Method. You can save time and money if you don't need any book about trading approaches. Nothing more about gap trading, swing trading, indicators, oscillators. No more books about the fundamental analysis because you can see over years the quotation development of a specific market. You save much money because you don't have to test books and newsletters about Elliot wave techniques and those thousands of trading systems which exist in the market – in order to find your own trading style.

Being a trader I consider the given target marks as to be brilliant. In time and in price, as well. Not only the get-in signals are well thought-out. The best are the double arcs which give me full confidence in my decisions and the security that my trade works. The GUNNER24 is the only charting software that gives you a vision. The vision when and where the actual movement ends. And the scoring probability is more than a 70%. Everything is presented optically. I would never have thought that my trading style could change. But the market forecasts offered by GUNNER24 make my trading so easy and time saving. Two mouse clicks and all the get-in possibilities are defined and all the targets are fixed. And that's it.

There is another advantage: You can put the Forecasting Method universally on long or short time frames. Here, you see two examples of interesting turning points in longer time frames.


The perfect short trade

Many of us like to go to the casinos, poker online and hope for the quick gambling success also and especially in trading. It simply makes fun, emotionally. To be favored by luck gives me large satisfaction. But the GUNNER24 Forecasting Method has nothing to do with luck. I prefer to rely on a very good system and the corresponding rules we all have to obey if we want to trade successfully. Those four S&P E-mini sales in the 15 minute time frame would have yielded for you, too, an average of 25 points or $1.250 US a contract. I kept an average of five short contracts a sell.

You may read the get-in rules of that perfect short trade beginning on page # 19 in the Complete GUNNER24 Trading and Forecasting Course.


Those are only a couple of setup examples of the GUNNER24 Forecasts. If you practice intensely with the GUNNER24 and learn to understand it you will frequently have that AHA experience, yourself. And instead of spending a lot of your time with trading setups in the course of time you will be able to concentrate on position and money management.

The GUNNER24 Forecasting System is very young but absolutely mature. Thus, you get the advantage you have been looking for. I'd like to compare it with the five years after the invention of the telegraphy. What an information lead had those who used it over the others! GUNNER24 is unique in terms of security and quick reaction. Anyway, there is a universe of possibilities in it. Which are still waiting to be understood...

A lot of success trading with the GUNNER24 Forecasting Method wishes you

Vic Dalmatino, GUNNER24 Analyst and Developer