The Junior Mining stocks moved sharply higher over the last two months, and this move took place on huge volume. The only similarly big volume that we saw recently was at the early-March top and the January top.

As history of this bear market has shown, the massive attention that junior miners have received is a bearish indicator. Not only for all Precious Metals miners but also for the related gold and silver too. Is a next heavy Miners sell signal in progress? This should now again be a legitimate question for us price/time traders.

For this, we analyze the pure price chart of the VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF (GDXJ) on a weekly basis and draw the chart as large as the monitor allows.




By doing so we almost always recognize the most perfect relation of the price/space in relation to time.

The current weekly upcycle is back at the most important bear market resistance, the 1*1 Gann Angle, which originates from the final high of the year 2020.

This 2020 Top 1*1 Bear Market Resistance Angle has been overcome more sustainably in the course of the bear before, but 3 of the previous 4 tests of the 2020 Top 1*1 Bear Market Resistance Angle were extremely negative.

Likewise, the 2*1 Angle, that is calculated quite naturally from the final high of this year, is now within reach and striking distance and could already deliver enormously important annual resistance forces.

Together, these two natural annual resistances of 2020 Top 1*1 Bear Market Resistance Angle & 2022 Top 2*1 Angle are likely to create an extremely strong combined annual resistance magnet that may even trigger a powerful = deep and sharp sell-off cycle or bearish panic cycle!, cause the initial up impulse which started at # 1 // 25.80$ // 2022 Low reached upweek No. 8-Fib number.

==> the initial up impulse could now come to an end when time = Fib number 8 meets price (possible combined important Gann Angel resistance magnet).

And I don`t even have to show you that the current upswing is now quite overbought, I would rather like to analyze this following weekly 2 Candle GUNNER24 Up Setup, which shows that in addition the quite normal upward target of the weekly 1st double arc is now finally worked off.

Thus, the time factor currently meets not only a combined annual Gann Angle resistance magnet, but additionally also a weekly resistance space out of 2022 Low.



And this potentially extremely strong bull-party-pooper energy could trigger a sharp & quick weekly retracement cycle, so that by year-end time magnet an important = MAJOR Head-and-Shoulders (SHS) bottom must be formed or completed.

Above, this possibility is sketched with the red-dotted downcycle or better "sell-off arrow" course.

GDXJ shares could form the right shoulder exactly at the turn of the year time magnet and maybe around the center support magnet of the first square at 29.10$!

The initial up impulse high is at 35.17$ and this extreme violated the lower line of 1st double arc uptraget by 17 cents, hmm. So, the rounder 35$ number adds actually to the weekly resistance stuff, explored above.

The now confirmed lower line of 1st double arc resistance threshold is at 35.00$ for this week # 8-candle & # 9-next week candle ..., my advise is you should sell-short GDXJ between 34$ and 35$ over the the coming week!

==> Possible weekly shortterm downtarget of 29.10$ is a calculable triple price/time magnet.

==> Please place the SL for such GDXJ shorts at a 36.10$!


Be prepared!


Eduard Altmann