Since May 2020, the Dow Jones Industrial Average markets have been climbing on a weekly base within a well-defined rising Parallel Channel. The Dow Jones Industrial Average continuous futures contract (YM #) below has made 3 negative hits of the red-dotted Parallel Channel resistance and has 2 confirmations at the dark-green dotted Parallel Channel support.

There is another determining rising weekly main support for YM #, what below is represented by an about 5 to 6 times holding main support. The very last successful backtest of that light-green support rail has ended the very last shortlived weekly consolidation period and triggered the now running weekly upcycle which with next week candle will be at upcycle week No. 10.

The close of the last week is a next MAJOR buy signal as the market for the first time closed significantly above the 35000 pts what offered 3-month main resistance horizontal:


The orange-dashed lines above trace this last 3-month consolidation period, what formed a tight consolidation pattern just shy below the previous cycle highs and used the 35000 pts horizontal as a stubborn main resistance level.

The past week candle close at 35400 pts was a first significant close above often negative tested 35000 pts horizontal main resistance and therefore YM # should have fired a next weekly buy signal.

Look at how classically successful this week's candle retested two key components of the 3-month consolidation. First, the final week low confirmed the rising orange-dotted support with pinpoint accuracy. Second, the YM # was able to close above the 35000 pts line in the sand for the second time.

If we use the angle of ascent of the last few weekly candles as a guide regarding time and price, the next test of the red-dotted Channel Resistance could come true sometime October to November at the 38000 pts surroundings. If the MACD oscillator, that is always important for the medium term, should really start to roll, the 38000 and/or the main resistance of the Parallel Channel could be reached way earlier!

However, the buy signal of this last week could also be much more sustainable regarding price and time, as telegraphed by the following nicely confirmed monthly GUNNER24 Up Setup, what is a monthly 7 Candle up (oriented to the Fib number 8), starting at the # 1 // 2020 Low:



I see that this 7 Candle measurement results in natural main resistance & and major upside target, represented by the lines and space of the 1st double arc, and this normally attracting magnet out of the 2020 bear market low was the main reason the 3-month sideways phase built up around there.

The lower line of 1st resistance upmagnet for the very first time kicked in at April 2021 close, which is printed exactlyat that lower line of 1st rail from below. The top red arrow shows that the upper line of 1st resistance magnet became confirmed by May alltime-highs & lower June 2021 highs.

Now the lines of 1st double arcs officially have morphed to nicely confirmed monthly support rails because the final lows of July 2021 show a very accurate backtest of the lower line of 1st from above and most bullish observation is that the so far August 2021 lows with a nearly 100 % accuracy have backtested the upper line of 1st double arc support from above.

Means. both natural GUNNER24 Rails, upper as lower line of 1st double arc are now confirmed monthly supports, and therefore the entire 1st double arc environment should have morphed to future monthly support. => MAIN SUPPORT.

And because the current August 2021 candle is now leaving the attractive magnet of the 1st double arc to the upside, YM # triggers a MAJOR buy signal.

What has activated the FUTURE test of the lower line of 2nd double arc what together with the mathematically very attractive 40000 pts W.D. Gann number upmagnet unites for the time window winter 2021 to spring 2022.

==> On a monthly base, the GUNNER24 Forecasting Method fires a new BIG upside target for the YM # = MAJOR uptarget what is the round 40000 pts. The odd is above +75% that this price magnet will be worked off until the end of spring 2022.

The newly activated yearly 40000 pts upside target of the YM # is the equivalent of 400$ for the DIA ETF market. The above worked out nearest important yearly upward target of the YM # at 38000 pts is the equivalent of 380$ for the DIA ETF.

Coming weekly GUNNER24 Up Setup shows that DIA could hit and work off its 380$ uptarget sometime during autumn, because there and then is the natural upside target of the lower line of 4th double arc:



Think, the actually best working weekly GUNNER24 is this 4 Candle up, starting at # 1 // 2020 Low... The 3-month consolidation unfolding just shy below the former bull market highs has obviously been co-determined by the energy field of the natural important 3rd double arc.

All the small red resistance and dark-green and support arrows mark some of the important weekly consolidation lows and highs influenced by the lines of the 3rd, whereby the absolute low of the 3-month consolidation cycle is a very accurate backtest of the lower line of 3rd (... then support) from above. This very last hit of the 3rd double arc was 5 candles ago and it was the classic successful backtest of the former finally upward broken upper line of 3rd (... then also weekly support rail).

As far as our trading rules are concerned, everything is clear, because since the 3rd is now finally overcome in bull market trend direction and before that both the lower, as well as the upper line of 3rd magnets were tested back quite bullishly, the chances are huge that the activated higher bull market uptarget of the lower line of 4th must be reached. Just at the 380$ environment and probably sometime in the course of autumn 2021:

==> First DIA uptarget at 380$. A 380$ likely is due sometime in course of autumn. 380$ is the weekly GUNNER24 Uptarget.

==> Major DIA GUNNER24 Uptarget Magnet is the round 400$ hurdle. That MAJOR has a 80% probability to be hit somtime during winter 2021 to spring 2022!


Be prepared!


Eduard Altmann