Strong signals for a short term stock market top

With the new highs of this week the actual rally will have been persisting for seven months already. So we can go on expecting a signifikant top in a few trading days.



With the Friday candle, the actual NDX daily GUNNER24 Up Setup is close to the 5th double arc which at least for a couple of days should form a resistance and a new GUNNER24 Down Setup.


In a short term, next 5-7 trading days we should reach the actual swing high. Like always, you should pay attention to the actual 1 and 4 hour GUNNER24 Setups which will provide the cover signal for their longs.



In the actual ES # Daily 5 Candle GUNNER24 Up on Friday the important 3rd double arc was reached. That would not seem to indicate the absolute top for the swing is reached already because the candle has hardly put pressure downwards, anyway the high for that swing is very close. Like always, the short term turn can be hit only on basis of the 1 and 4 hour charts. Pay attention therefore to the signals in the member area.


In any case since Friday you should concentrate on most probably emerging GUNNER24 Down Setups in all the stock markets!


As you can see with the final Friday quotation in price and time we are in the Monthly NDX GUNNER24 Down at a Gann Angle from which once in 2008 the NDX rebounded heavily.



Another resistance is formed by the lower horizontal square line of the first square which the price reached. Because of both facts we will have to get ready for a rest within the rally. Not before the Gann Angle will have overcome on final quotation basis, the rally will go on! Do pay attention to it!



The actual GUNNER24 Down on weekly basis where we are exactly at the very important 1*2 Gann Angle corroborates that we are near to the short term top in the NDX or have reached it already.



All the best,

Eduard Altmann