The monthly setups are the most important signal transmitters within the GUNNER24 Forecasting Method. They supply us with the most important supports and resistances, long-term turning marks on the trend and thus the crucial entry and exit signals.

But they should also encourage us to reflect… Whereas the actual monthly setups of the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 as well as many other stock indexes seem to give us just a collection of bearish signs regarding their further development there is one stock index that announces the very contrary. It is demonstrating that the world is not going to fall onto our heads, it is clearly putting out that the world is not going to swing into a new recession, it is stating that the Euro and the Dollar are going to continue existing – even though devaluating constantly.

It is the NASDAQ-100. From the GUNNER24 point of view the NASDAQ-100 – as well as gold, silver and some minrs indexes – seems to be developing into a safe haven, into one of the last investor classes where one can invest his money “pretty safely” and with good profits. The last time we analyzed the index in monthly sight was in the issue of March 20, 2011:



We noted there that the price rise facilitated by the 3 candle initial impulse had ended, so a correction down to the 4th double arc at 2100-2050 was necessary before the UPWARDS TREND can be resumed:


Let’s have a look now at the actual position of the setup:


Concerning the price, the setup was really exhausted completely by the market. The market didn’t turn down before the very last resistance of the setup. The closing price above the setup is showing us that the NASDAQ-100 will produce higher highs shortly. The subsequent correction didn‘t go down completely to the 4th double arc, but it was ended by the low of the August candle exactly at the 2*1 Gann Angle at 2034. On Friday the index was quoted exactly at the upper line of the 5th double arc that is going to be crossed upwards in the course of next week, at least in the short term. The 2343 at the resistance Gann Angle are likely to be the target. That’s where we’ll have to adjust ourselves to a long lasting rebound until below the 5th double arc. We’ll see the next buy signal in monthly sight if the NASDAQ-100 closes above the setup for the second time.

In the actual daily 5 Candle GUNNER24 Up Setup the 2343 are to be seen as well:


On Friday the first double arc was clearly broken upwards thereby the 2nd double arc was activated as to be the target. After a brief reset of about 2322 – which was to be reached on Tuesday – down to the 2nd double arc (about 2255) the index is expected to turn up again with target 2342. By reaching the 2nd double arc we’ll cover our long positions. After reaching the 2nd double arc the market will be expected to follow the 2nd double arc downwards through October.

But if the QE3 occurs being broken the 2nd double arc we’ll have a new buy signal – we will newly be “allowed” to build up some long positions.

As I’ve been prognosticating here and here the S&P 500 seems to head for its counter trend target of 1240-1250. The exact number should be1254:


Next Tuesday, at 1232 the next turn downwards is supposed to happen. The reason why is this: The resistance Gann Angle becomes involved which will be anchored right outside in the setup then. The expected rebound from this angle is supposed to lead the S&P 500 again until narrowly below the 5th double arc. There, at 1200-1190 the new support Gann Angle will be waiting that will be expected to release the rebound up to 1254 then. Since the counter trend rally is supposed to come to its end at the 1*2 a very strong relapse towards 1100 will be expected to happen.

Current monthly gold setup- watch closely!


Concerning price and time forecasts this setup is certainly one of the most astonishing phenomenons ever that you and I – virtually as a gift by God – are allowed to observe and witness “live”. It’s up to us to interpret those ideal price and time forecasts the right way and to trade correspondingly.

We had covered all our monthly gold positions after reaching the lower line of the 4th double arc – here… the August set its top at the upper square line limit. The September top reached exactly the upper line of the 4th double arc, and at 1765.4 Friday again reached EXACTLY the center of the just passed square being an important monthly support. On Friday gold rebounded – no, it ran upwards by nearly 60$ from the Friday low to the Friday top. By this significant, quick, hard rebound the importance of that horizontal monthly support was confirmed. It’s expected to go on resisting in the near future, and we’ll have to suppose that the 1765 represent a MONSTER support on daily basis, that the current correction is not going to get lower and that a new upwards trend was started by reaching the 1765.4 leading gold up to 1900 again in the course of the next weeks and maybe even much more!

So let’s think long and trade long again – the monthly signals are the most important ones – at least until the 4th double arc will have a finger in the pie again which might re-alter this judgment.

Within the actual daily 13 Candle GUNNER24 Up gold keeps on consolidating below the highs still following the 3rd double arc downwards:


Rule: „Consolidations at the highs break to the upside“. On top of that we see that a symmetrical triangle is forming. It’s a bullish trend-continuation formation. Until Tuesday the rebound from the monthly support at 1765.4 is supposed to keep up. Again the logical first target is the lower line of the 3rd double arc at 1835. But since the monthly GUNNER24 Signals are always extremely important (as mentioned above several times) the rebound from the 1765 might pulverize rapidly the daily resistances being willing to be headed for at least the upper line of the 3rd and therewith the upper limit of the symmetrical triangle at 1855 until next Thursday. Each closing price above the 3rd double arc will be a buy signal. 


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Eduard Altmann

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