November 2020 - GUNNER24 Newsletter Issues

This is where the S&P 500 should max out in 2021, before next bear market begins

by Eduard Altmann | Published 11/22/2020 | full story |  printer version

There is some hope for the Gold Bugs

by Eduard Altmann | Published 11/15/2020 | full story |  printer version

NASDAQ-100 will make new ATH`s within the next 10 days - but probably until next Friday

by Eduard Altmann | Published 11/08/2020 | full story |  printer version

The Tough Week prepared the Wild Week

by Eduard Altmann | Published 11/01/2020 | full story |  printer version

Successfully tested in thousands of trades – a development that took 8 years – 2-click technique charting software – new highly exclusive forecast trading technique

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