Trading the GUNNER24 Setups

How do I trade the GUNNER24 Setups?

A complete GUNNER24 Setup makes possible nearly 40 trading entry options. For a complete overview as to when and based on which rules and targets you will have trading entry options at your disposal, please get the new eBook 200 GUNNER24 Trading Setup Examples.

I have problems defining the exact initial impulse – can you assist me with that?

The entire price forecast is impacted on the one hand by the price range and on the other hand by the time frame of the first initial impulse. In 85% of all cases, the latter spans 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 or 21 etc. time units. Only in exceptional cases (about 15%) can the GUNNER24 Initial Impulse be set up at the absolute high during the absolute low or in the proximity of one of these Fibonacci numbers. Example: If you have counted, for instance, 10 or 11 candles (i.e. the number is just as close to 8 as it is to 13), you will have to use these 10 or 11 candles.

When will I have to create a new GUNNER24 Setup?

If you are not absolutely certain about the start of the current Setup, you can find the current Setup if you use the following trick. Search for the absolute high in the past or the lowest low, for that matter, and set the pertinent initial impulse in this environment. In the GUNNER24 Setup that is created as a result, the price will frequently turn around the third or fifth double arc. This is, after all, where the time impact of the double arcs ends. Now delete the old Setup and create the new Setup at the last turning point.

I find it impossible to manage some of the trading Setups you are describing. I'm losing money as a result. Please help me.

The cardinal rule: Only trade what you truly understand and what you feel good about. Use the trading rules of the GUNNER24 that you understand and know how to use because you can track them. Trade states that recur again and again, or trade only in your favorite market, using the GUNNER24, but do it for many hours every day. If you prefer to restrict yourself to long trades and feel better about those ... why not?

I can only trade the double arcs, but can't do the Gann Angles and the square lines – how can I improve my skills?

Whenever the price reaches one of the lines in the GUNNER24 Squares or a Gann Angle, time and price have reached a critical mathematical interdependency, because that is where the emotions of the price points bundle in a price for a specific period of time. In such cases, a strong trend toward a turnaround will always arise. However, if the turnaround does not occur and the lines and angles are broken through, the tendency for the trend to continue is very strong. All lines of all GUNNER24 Squares as well as the Gann Angles are first and foremost critical resistance and support lines. They are treated in the same manner as trend lines. All procedures that can be applied to trend lines can also be applied to them. All of the mysteries surrounding the Gann Angles and square lines are solved here.

How will I know how the prices on the lines of the squares and the Gann Angles will react?  

Whenever the price meets the Gann Angles, horizontal and diagonal lines (all trend lines) or the arcs, a change in the trend is about to occur. For you this means that the price may be thrown back, i.e. it will change direction. It can also mean that the existing trend will be subject to a momentum change as a result of the acceleration of the existing trend. As traders, it is our job to recognize the price patterns and to trade accordingly.

Can I place different Setups across each other?

Yes, that’s always possible within the same time frame. Especially if you are using minute-time frames you will find that the combination of two different GUNNER24 Setups can deliver astonishing signals.

Trading with different time frames can sometimes prove to be very taxing. Isn't it enough to use just one time frame?

One time frame is certainly plenty – provided you correctly identify the first initial impulse in it. However, looking at different time frames is very helpful and aims at recording the general trend.

Could you please explain the definition of lost motion one more time?

You should assume that a final breakage of the lines and arcs developed by the GUNNER24 Forecasting Software has in fact occurred when this breakage happens on the basis of the final price taking the lost motion (price range by which a resistance or support line can be exceeded or undercut without actually breaking the former) into account. You will find it expedient for your trading activities to set the range of the current candle at the ratio of the past 5 to 10 lost motions. If the current candle does breaks through the high or low of the most recent above average lost motion candle at the final price basis of the current horizontal or diagonal line, arc or double arc, you will have to presume that an actual breakage has occurred.

Which stop and profit securitization strategies do you have?

If you start a new GUNNER24 Setup, the stop loss is always equivalent to the most recent high or low. As your trading Setup progresses, you should set the stop loss at the double arcs, trend lines of the squares and at the Gann Angles, taking the lost motion into account. Given that the complete GUNNER24 does offer you numerous options to trade, you should only trade what you see for yourself and what you feel certain about. Tip for beginners: It is critical for you to get the start of the Setup right and to trade the breakthrough on the first arc and the first square in the direction of the GUNNER24 Setup.

Profit securitization strategies: Work with the targets within the pertinent Setup. The targets are the double arcs or the horizontal lines of the superior squares. Always pull your stop behind expediently whenever a double arc has been broken in the direction of the original Setup.

I trade in 2-minute charts. Can I sue the GUNNER24 in conjunction with these?

Yes, all markets are subject to the symmetries of the market. In some time frames these symmetries are simply easier to spot. In our opinion, it is best to follow the recommendation we have made: Simply compare the results the GUNNER24 delivers in 5-minute or 1-minute charts with your preferred Setup. If the GUNNER24 even gives you an inkling of greater confidence, you should use it.

I am currently trading in time frames that are different than those that you recommend – should I change my entire trading practice?

No. What you should do is test, test, test and test again. Otherwise you will get stuck. Nobody here insists that they have found the golden key. Neither do we. The time frames we recommend are based on our experiences with the GUNNER24 Method. From our point of view, depending on the investment horizon, they simply deliver the most meaningful signals and thus, if you consistently comply with the trading rules, deliver the best trading results.

I use indicators in my trading activities? Can I do without them now?

No, there is no need to forego their use. If you have been working with your system for a long time, you should in fact familiarize yourself with the GUNNER24 first and integrate it into the trading method you have used to date. The precision of the GUNNER24 Method increases if indicator divergences (RSI, Stochastic) or crossovers (Stochastic, MACD, etc.) arise on the time lines or double arcs. At this point you might realize that the GUNNER24 Forecasting Software is indeed changing all of your trading patterns and that you are working with it completely autonomously.

7 Rules for those who intend to become wealthy using GUNNER24 – learn and earn!

There are only 7 rules you should always keep in mind when trading with the GUNNER24 Forecasting Technique 

  • Learn to identify and count the initial GUNNER24 Setup – you will get a proper feeling about it in just 1 hour
  • Trade always the second breakout attempt of the first arc – and catch the whole move – 70% big winners
  • Always trade the second breakout attempt of the first square – 65% winners
  • Expect trend changes at the 3rd and 5th double arc and initiate a new GUNNER24 Setup – 80% accurate
  • Learn to trade at the double arcs – you will be the GUNNER24 Master
  • When one double arc is broken – the next double arc will be reached – 80% accurate
  • Before you trade, think about the stop loss and place it first
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