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About the GUNNER24 Forecasting System

Why do these forecasts work?

Thousands and thousands of years ago, Pythagoras discovered the time and space are somehow connected by numbers. For a stock or an index this means, for instance, that the progressive angle and the amount of gains the price produces and the duration of the original movement do theoretically allow us to forecast the size and duration of the entire movement, down to the exact price, down to the day, the week, the hour or minute. The GUNNER24 Forecasting Technique implements this approach in combination with all later developed mathematical insights by Gann, Elliot and Fibonacci in the form of a software system.

Is it actually possible to forecast the prices for the next 20 years?

Yes, it is. The forecast technique used by the GUNNER24 makes it possible to cover such long term forecasting time frames.

Why are you making this solution available to the public?

"Give and you will be given". This is how we think and how we intend to act. In our opinion, investors will be milked more than enough by governments and politicians. The GUNNER24 Technique will allow us to get our money back and make even more… 

How will I make money using this solution?

Nobody will be able to honestly tell you that you will make money constantly if you trade or that you will make the same amount of money every month or attain the same performance levels. It is also impossible to predict that one trader will make the same profits as another one just because they use a system. All of this is simply not possible and it would be a marketing gimmick for us to make such claims. Guaranteed systems, or mechanical systems that will allow you to attain the same performance as the system do in fact not exist. No one can ever participate in all trades at the same execution prices. This is why so many traders consider the GUNNER24 such a helpful tool. You will find the Setup quickly. The system puts you in a position to enter the market whenever you want to or whenever you have time. When you do, simply apply the GUNNER24 Trading Rules you understand and are able to verify.

How long will it take me until I can successfully trade using the GUNNER24?

You will set up this forecasting technique, which is based on the principles developed by W.D. Gann, R.N. Elliott and Fibonacci with two simple mouse clicks. Once you have done that you will immediately see the framework of the future price progression. This simple programming has been designed specifically for your needs. However, it will take some time until you understand the system that drives the GUNNER24 and to use is properly so that you can actually trade profitably. We can’t predict how long it will take you personally to acquire sufficient experience with the GUNNER24 Forecasting Method. This works differently for every individual and every trader based on his or her conduct and existing know-how.

I am a beginner and I trade in stocks only occasionally. All of this looks very complicated to me. Why should I use it?

Nothing comes from nothing! In addition to money and position management, psychological aspects (fear, greed, emotions), which you will have to keep under control at all times, you should definitely understand why GUNNER24 works the way it does. The laws of geometry, which are based on the natural market vibrations, are not easy to comprehend. Nonetheless, they can be visualized on the basis of defined and computable rules. The GUNNER24 will show you how to interpret the movements of the markets, so that you can come to well-founded conclusions in reference to future movements, which will put you in a position to post trade.

Why do you generate 25 squares instead of 20 or 30?

We have determined that in more than 90 of 100 cases the movement based on the first GUNNER24 Initial Impulse is already closed after 5 squares in terms of both, price and time levels. Subsequently, a new initial impulse begins in terms of time, regardless of the direction it takes.

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